Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Handsome Cowboy - George Canyon

A couple of week-ends ago, I worked an event where this man was the headline entertainment.

A down home Canadian originally from the province of Nova Scotia, his career and love story is definitely one of romance novels.

Originally employed as an IT, he worked his butt off for nine years to still do singing gigs in a country rock band while providing for his wife and two children. When the band broke up, he decided to return to a normal life. According to his bio, his wife said, "Nuh-uh!" and encouraged him to go solo. In 2003, he auditioned on Nashville Star and nearly won. Eventually, he signed with RCA records and recorded
in Nashville. And the rest is history....

If you haven't heard of him - well I'm proud to be called a Canadian alongside this burning hunk
of man!

And if you haven't heard his voice yet - click on the link to hear him sing a cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire". *swoon*

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm soooo Thor!

Okay, I'm assuming it's my turn to blog because it's a day late! Like we used to tell our sister during a card game..."If you have to ask whose turn it is...just assume it's yours!" Sorry!

Since I'm getting this done in a hurry, I'm going to return to the subject I discussed on the board a few weeks back. Mr. Chris Hemsworth and his lovely portrayal of the hunky mythical hero, Thor. Not much to say other than he looked damn good.

How about that shot I told y'all about...the low cut jeans...I know, right?

Here's another one shirtless...slightly closer.

Okay, let's have a close up...three day growth of beard, black and white, sexy as all get out. Just for you, Jenn. :)

And last, but certainly not least, is the tuxedo shot. Oh my, my, my...he certainly cleans up nicely, doesn't he?

So, if you gals find yourselves with nothing better to do on an afternoon...go see this movie. It won't win any oscars, but it will entertain you. And Chris Hemsworth is worth the price of a ticket. I thought it was fun.


Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Conference Season! Are you ready?

I just returned from my first conference of 2011, the Lori Foster Event in Ohio. Gotta say I had a fantastic time, met lots of new people and got some valuable networking done. So on the drive home I began to wonder what kinds of things people hope to achieve when they attend a conference.

I'm guessing the number one reason an aspiring author attends is to pitch to an agent or editor. So if you fall into that category, do you have your pitches ready? Pitches? Plural? Yes, you should have one very brief pitch ready --sometimes called the Elevator Pitch -- in case the opportunity presents itself. **NOTE- Following an agent or editor into the bathroom is not opportunity. It's stalking! **  And then you should have a full pitch ready for your scheduled pitch appointments. And practice these until you can mix and match and just talk with ease about your story.

Maybe you are attending because although you are already published, you have some serious networking to do. Well, my dears, you can't do that by staying in your room. Get out there! Stay out there! Talk. Go to the bar. Hang out. Smile. Show interest in others. Ask: "What do you write?" or "Is this your first conference?". Just remember to be courteous. Some people with turn their name badges backwards as a signal they don't want to mingle at that moment. Respect that. Watch body language. If two people are huddled in a whisper, that is not the time to approach.

Finally, is your wardrobe ready? You need to dress for success. Shorts and T-shirt do not scream I take myself seriously as an author. Hey, I know conferences get expensive. But business-casual is fine. Think basic; think simple elegance. Black dress pants. These could be worn twice with different blouses. Throw in a black or gray skirt and you've already got 3 days covered. Interchangeable items like that will not only save you money when buying but now that airlines charge per bag, you won't have to pack as much. Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry! Take a few different pieces -- no it doesn't have to be real. There is some beautiful and trendy necklaces/bracelets out there now for cheap. Use that to your advantage.  Shoes. Know this: By the time I left the RWA conference last year, I had 8 band-aids on various toes. So if you don't walk in heels everyday, find some pretty flats and save yourself the pain. You can save the heels for the awards dinner! At least then if you have a blister(s) you're going home the next day:)

Jacqui Nelson & me at Award Dinner
So what to you hope to get out of conference season this year? Whatever it is, I wish you luck. And remember, you really do get out of it what you put into it!