Monday, January 31, 2011



His fingertips skimmed her body, each feather-light touch sending shivers over her skin. Though his touch was gentle, she felt as if she had been marked—claimed by him in some primal way. Her body arched into his as his tongue ran soft lines along her throat, cool breath pulsing quivers of passion through every fiber of her being. Never had she felt such power-- such raw, animal power. It might have frightened her if the man hadn't been . . . him. She let her eyes paw down the length of him, a feast of sensation. Silky dark hair, deeply tanned skin that smelled of coconuts, smooth well-muscled chest, like clay formed by the gods themselves. But, by far, the thing that made her heart pound, her core tremble, her body run wet with desire, was the sheer size of his beautiful, hard, massive. . . INTELLECT?

That's right, ladies. Dr. Ruth said it loud and proud, the most important sex organ is the brain. I'd argue that squirmy gray thing might be a man's sexiest feature, as well. Even when I think of the men I'd want to possess for a mere weekend, most of them boast conversational skills beyond that of a cantaloupe. And humor. Ah yes, what is sex without humor? The man who makes me think, laugh, question, and wonder is also the man who can make me scream. . . in the best way possible.

This post goes out to all those wretchedly sexy men who didn't get laid as teenagers. They were too busy working on their science projects, composing their arias, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, and publishing their opinion pieces in the school paper. Ted Dekker and Neil Gaiman, both brilliantly talented writers, are the two (above) I've chosen for you today.

So tell me, who are the brains that turn you on?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Most Inspiring Men

This month, I'll make it short and sweet. (Kind of like me...hehehe) I'm re-posting the real life men who inspire me, and giving everyone a teaser of what's to come in the next couple of months. I'm so privileged to have met these guys, and share their life philosophies with the world.

Theo Theodoridis - "Just remember while we keep our hearts open humanity, kindness, tenderness, compassion, and unselfishness thrive. They make us civilized, they exceed over any law or social rule, and make our world a better place. Express these to everyone."

Stephen Black - “To truly be happy and living as we should, I believe we need to hold onto what our soul tells us to hold onto. It is the food or fuel, if you will, for our happiness.”

Jei Douglas - "In life, relationships, journeys, and careers, sometimes we need to take a chance. The outcome may not be as we expect, but it will surely be memorable."

Nick King is the February sweetheart. "I think of other people first because I think its the right thing to do. The world doesn't revolve around just me. Life is what you make of it. If you strive to do your best you can accomplish anything you put your mind to."

Matt Gulakow - a cutie I'm privileged to call family. I've known this guy since he was 8 or so... He'll be playing College ball for a university in Montreal. You'll hear his story in March. He believes that if you don't take a chance on something, you'll never know.

I've met Mr. April - Charlie Junior Settee - he's a University of Winnipeg graduate and Powwow dancer. Have yet to interview him but if he's anything like these guys...well, women in the world are in good hands when there are real life heroes around. Nobody says they're perfect, but then aren't the heroes we write about flawed, too? That's what makes a good person - someone who doesn't pretend to be perfect but strives for it. So far, all of these guys, with the exception of Theo, have agreed to be in my calendar for charity. Aren't they awesome? :) You can visit them all on my blog at

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Okay, I'm watching Grey's Anatomy right now, and Jessie Williams is so gorgeous! How did I miss him?

Also watched the new series "Off the Map" last night and really liked what I saw there. Looks interesting.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Doctor is IN!!!!

What is it that women find so sexy about male doctors? Is it the way they look in those baggy scrubs? Is it the white lab coat? Or is it their ability to accessorize: stethoscopes looped casually around their necks, pen light at the ready to check your eye’s dilation reaction, tongue depressor in hand, or the way they look coming out of surgery, with the fashionably snazzy head coverings, masks, and those little slipper things over their shoes? Maybe it’s all of that power at their fingertips as they feel for lumps, swollen glands, stiff joints, etc... I hear the God syndrome runs pretty high in doctor’s circles…no matter how much we all know that nurses are just as important in the medical profession and get far too little credit from some doctors. I have to admit that I’ve pretty well lucked out when it comes to doctors. Although my GP is a woman here in Kinder, my three specialists in Lake Charles are all men…and extremely good looking men, at that. Since a couple of my novels center around medical professionals I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog to my very own Men of Medicine.

First up is Dr. William C. Moss, a surgeon in Lake Charles, La. Well over six feet tall, I've seen this guy go from capable, young, handsome "Billy Boy" (His dad is also a doctor) with dark hair and dark brown eyes, to the older, distinguished looking doctor with salt and peppered hair. Still extremely attractive, but more important, a wonderful doctor. Caring, efficient, listens to what I have to say and never rushes through an examination. He's ordered breast biopsies, removed cysts, and performed my lumpectomy almost two years ago.
Judge for yourselves...aint he purty?

Next up is Dr. John Noble, an orthopedic surgeon in Lake Charles who has perfomed carpal tunnel surgery on my hand as well as arthroscopic surgery on my knee. He's a little under six feet tall, has blond hair and blue eyes, the best bedside manner and very skilled as a surgeon. Doesn't hurt that he's verra nice to look at, ladies. Aren't I lucky?

How about other real life doctor’s? Here’s a couple I watch on television quite often:
Dr. Oz – made famous by Oprah – Also a nice looking man.

My newest favorite doctor to watch on t.v. is Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors. Incidentally, the hunky six feet, four inch hunky doctor also appeared as The Bachelor on season eight. I just found out about that...did anyone else know that?
What a dish!


Let’s just throw in some Grey’s Anatomy hunkies, for good measure.
Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd), Justin Chambers (Alex Karev), Eric Dane (Mark Sloan), and my personal favorite, Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good Morning Angels!

Hey Angels, this is the blog site of Silvia Ney. She appeared at our Bayou Writers' Group Conference in December, but I didn't get to go. Winners of this contest get a free critique of the first 1000 words of a manuscript. All you have to do to enter is be a follower of the blog. How easy is that?

Have a great day!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Suit and Tie or Jeans and T-shirt?

Which do you prefer? That's the question of the day.

Now I know you think I'm going to vote for jeans. I'm the one who always goes for the bad-boy look, right? But I have to admit there's something powerful - sexy powerful - about a man in a suit. Both of these men look like they have some bad-boy in them.
But let's make the case for a casual guy. He looks more approachable, more down to earth. He also wears his bad-boy for all the world to see, tempting women and daring men.
So no matter which look you choose, it's really the man beneath  the clothes that tempts us, isn't it? ;)
What do you think?