Monday, January 3, 2011

Suit and Tie or Jeans and T-shirt?

Which do you prefer? That's the question of the day.

Now I know you think I'm going to vote for jeans. I'm the one who always goes for the bad-boy look, right? But I have to admit there's something powerful - sexy powerful - about a man in a suit. Both of these men look like they have some bad-boy in them.
But let's make the case for a casual guy. He looks more approachable, more down to earth. He also wears his bad-boy for all the world to see, tempting women and daring men.
So no matter which look you choose, it's really the man beneath  the clothes that tempts us, isn't it? ;)
What do you think?


  1. Wow...(fanning myself) Can I vote for all of the above? Seriously, they ALL have their places.

    Take the movie Australia. Remember how good Mr. Jackman looked in his work clothes and scruffy old hat? Now picture him standing at the top of those steps in that tux and all cleaned up. Every woman in that theater groaned out loud...including me.

    Then again, you all know how much I LOVE my cowboys (except in the NFL) and something can be said for a man wearing a pair of just right tight jeans and a button down western style shirt.

    Now, imagine knocking on a door and having a guy answer it, fresh from his damp and curling just a little around the forehead, BAREFOOT and wearing faded, tight in all the right places jeans and a good fitting (NOT baggy) clean white tee shirt.

    Honestly...I may need to go home and attack the's been a while.
    Another good post, Jenn. I'll have to work hard to measure up for next week. ;)


  2. Also...never underestimate the power of good fitting NEW jeans, with a nice pair of boots, matching belt, button down shirt and a nice jacket topping it all off. That's another of my favorite looks for a guy. *sigh*


  3. Lori, you made some great points!

    Jenn, another yummy, and thought provoking post! I espescially like the guy in the LEVI shirt, not for what he's wearing but the WAY he is wearing it. I guess that is how everything boils down for me.

    Either suit, or jeans...I can take 'em both ways!


  4. I also vote for both. I especially like men that can pull of both looks. I do agree that men in jeans and a tee are more approachable though.

  5. You know, Jen, I think you hit it when you said it's really the guy inside the clothes that does the trick. How else can we explain why some guys can be devastating in a three-piece suit and other just as appealing in the informal gear?

    As I sat here thinking about what everyone has said, I realized I usually like the suits :), or well-fitting slacks and neat shirts of any kind. But then I recalled a few instances when the blue jeans and tee look worked really well. So, yep, I gotta vote for both.

    As you all said, it's what's projected that attracts attention. When the man feels comfortable and confident in himself. When he makes what he's wearing his own, his look for that particular moment. He wears the outfit, it doesn't wear him, whatever it is.

    And Lori, you're so right. Hugh Jackman looks good in anything :)

    Thanks for another good post, Jen.

  6. Hmmm, always with the deep questions....

    I have to say, for me, what's really crucial in an outfit is how stylishly I can take it off him. Pop the tux buttons? Rip the t-shirt? Tug the jeans down over those mouthwatering gluts? Check, check and check!

    Barb, you're SO right that a man should wear the outfit, not vice versa. Although I wouldn't mind wearing any one of those men up there for an evening... especially Bachelor #1 in the dark tux. Or Jack Sparrow. And yes, Asscheek Sisters, always ALWAYS Hugh Jackman.

    Love the post. Thanks Jenn!

  7. Great post, Jenn! I have to say that I like how a man looks when he's just chillin' on the week-end in jeans and a t, I like the construction worker look with work clothes, boots and a hard hat, dirty hands...makes me want to help him wash up! But I love it when he dresses up in a suit for a special occasion and pulls off the Bond look. When a man is comfortable in his own skin, he'll look attractive in anything. Speaking of skin, I suppose I like a man out of clothes best! LOL And I agree with Cecily - how can I get him to the skin once he's made my heart start thumping from the way he's dressed :)

    BTW - gas station hottie up there can pump my gas any day! He can shine my bumper, check my fluids, adjust my headlights....

  8. DAMN JEN! Now I really need to take a cold shower or better yet attack my man when he comes home. Great post as always and the rest of you, gals...GEEZ...I really need to get out the whip cream now after reading all those comments. And I go for either jeans or suit on the male body but I agree that the man must wear whatever it is with confidence. He's gotta be comfortable in his own skin while strutting his stuff and the best suit to do that in is his birthday suit....PUURRRRR.

  9. Wow - after reading all these comments, we're just a bunch of cougars! LOL

  10. Personally, I think the reason those two men in suits still look like bad boys is the facial hair. Neither one is smoothly shaven.

    I guess I'm kinda moody, because it depends. Seeing my guy all scruffy and dirty after a day of working hard (we own a masonry business) can be a huge turn-on, but put him in a classy suit and I want to jump him. No holds barred. Hmmm.... I may be revealing too much here. ;) So I'll throw in my vote for both as well, but it's definitely ALL about the man inside. And unwrapping it all like your most favorite present EVER! lol

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