Monday, January 31, 2011



His fingertips skimmed her body, each feather-light touch sending shivers over her skin. Though his touch was gentle, she felt as if she had been marked—claimed by him in some primal way. Her body arched into his as his tongue ran soft lines along her throat, cool breath pulsing quivers of passion through every fiber of her being. Never had she felt such power-- such raw, animal power. It might have frightened her if the man hadn't been . . . him. She let her eyes paw down the length of him, a feast of sensation. Silky dark hair, deeply tanned skin that smelled of coconuts, smooth well-muscled chest, like clay formed by the gods themselves. But, by far, the thing that made her heart pound, her core tremble, her body run wet with desire, was the sheer size of his beautiful, hard, massive. . . INTELLECT?

That's right, ladies. Dr. Ruth said it loud and proud, the most important sex organ is the brain. I'd argue that squirmy gray thing might be a man's sexiest feature, as well. Even when I think of the men I'd want to possess for a mere weekend, most of them boast conversational skills beyond that of a cantaloupe. And humor. Ah yes, what is sex without humor? The man who makes me think, laugh, question, and wonder is also the man who can make me scream. . . in the best way possible.

This post goes out to all those wretchedly sexy men who didn't get laid as teenagers. They were too busy working on their science projects, composing their arias, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, and publishing their opinion pieces in the school paper. Ted Dekker and Neil Gaiman, both brilliantly talented writers, are the two (above) I've chosen for you today.

So tell me, who are the brains that turn you on?


  1. Cecily! Wonderful post and you are so right, nerds can sometimes be freakin' hot! :)

    I LOVE the two pics above and Neil Gaiman, who wrote, STARDUST is an awesome writer and his hair's not bad either! :)

    I can't really think of any nerdy guys off hand but I usually LOVE the guys on the NCIS, CSI shows, the ones that get their hands dirty trying to solve horrible crimes.

    Yeah, the guys that work behind the scenes are always intriguing!


  2. Even as all the girls in school were drooling over the jocks and superstars, I was cautious. If we couldn't have conversations or laugh at the same jokes, it didn't matter how purty he was, I wasn't interested.

    Brains do it for me, so nerds are right up my alley. Current nerd crush: Chuck, played by Zachary Levi. Such a cutie in all his nerdy awkwardness, and sexy from head to toe.

    Great post, Cecily!

  3. I admit, I like the nerdy boys! I have another great author to add to that line-up. He wrote THE BOOK THIEF and his name is Markus Zusak. Check him out:

  4. There's something to be said about a man who can make me laugh and stimulate my mind as well not so 'mindful' areas.

    I love a man who knows how things work and isn't arrogant about it either but has just the right balance of confidence and intellect. That's so sexy.

    You did another great post, Cecily! LOVE IT!

  5. OMG, Kasey. YES!!!! I loved the Book Thief, but I had no idea Marcus was such a hottie! Yeesh, I may have a spot left on the ORA Conference roster after all. Pardon me whilst I go cool down.

    And Sherry, I love Zachary Levi. Did you see Tangled? He did the voice of the hero. Purrrfect!!!

    And Trish, if you liked Stardust, read Neverwhere. A bit darker, but no less awesome.

    And J.D. I also like a man who "knows how things work." ;-)

    Thanks for the comments, y'all!

  6. Cecily, I teach the book in my class and show a few interviews of him talking about the book from YouTube. The girls are always whispering, "He's hot," and I just nod with agreement inside.

  7. Wow...I can do dark! I might have to check that out!

  8. Awesome post, Cecily! I, too, love a man with a big brain. I mean, come on! If he can't hold up his end of a conversation, make me laugh, I don't care what the rest of him looks like. Beauty can't only be skin deep. Sometimes the most attractive man is one who engages me with his brain, not because he's got a six-pack, and I ain't talking beer! LOL

    Loved the voice of the hero in Tangled. That was an awesome movie that I took the girls to and we loved the spunky heroine! We love her use of the frying pan! :)

    Great post, Cecily!

  9. Super post, Cecily,
    The young authors you ladies have mentioned are, oh, yeah, sigh-able.
    I always liked the intellectual guys (ok--nerds :>), too. When I read this, the late Carl Sagan immediately popped into my mind. I always thought he was hot and SUPER smart. Had a mad crush on him when I was growing up. (He's the "billions and billions" of stars guy from the PBS Cosmos series years ago--an astrophysicist, I believe.) Also, I always thought Richard Leakey (the anthropologist/ archeologist) was "a dream." Of course, I know about these men ONLY through history books LOL.

    You know what Bill Gates said: Be nice to the nerds. You may work for one someday.

  10. Cecily! You are such an awesome blogger. Yeah, those nerds have a way of growing on us, don't they? My current favorite nerd...or Squint, as Agent Sealy Boothe calls him, is Sweets on Bones. He's adorable! And Barb, I always had a thing for Jacques Cousteau.

  11. Another great post, Cecily!

    The nerds in school were the hotties (at least for me). I would drool over this one guy at school while he was at the front of the class talking about God knows what. I still have dreams about him. Ah, David.

    My hubbie likes to rambles on about chiller plant functions, meanwhile I stripping him naked in my mind. HEHE!