Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Guys on the Block

America is experiencing a wonderful gift from Australia that just keeps giving. Actors (oh, ok, actresses, too, but let's not mention them here). It seems every time I find a new favorite, turns out he's from Australia.
There are: Alex O'Loughlin ("Hawaii Five-O"); Simon Baker ("The Mentalist") bottom right; Hugh Jackman, center bottom; Hugh Laurie (I though he was English!), Mel Gibson (former favorite ;-), Rufus Sewell ("Eleventh Hour" on TV and the handsome bad guy in "The Knight's Tale" which starred another Aussie, Heath Ledger); Russell Crowe, above right; and the "new guy" on American TV, Dustin Clare, ("Spartacus")-upper left. Paul Goddard is at right. I don't know what he plays in, but he's worth adding to the group.
And you all may know even more.

Now these guys are great looking, but some of them shine especially in costume (or lack thereof) drama.

No, Jake Gyllenhaal, left, isn't Australian, but he does a really good costume drama.
And Dustin Clare. Again. But then, all good things are worth repeating. :0
Do you have favorite costume drama heroes?


  1. I just wanted to add:

    We have a fun time talking about men who inspire us, whether they are between the pages of a book (imaginary heroes), the pages of a newspaper (real heroes), or between the sheets of our own beds (our very own heroes).

    We appreciate them. Some we can appreciate for their minds, some for their generous spirits, and some for their--hard work in the gym :0.

    Our personal heroes may not completely resemble the heroes up on the screen--they’re better, in fact. We know that, and we make sure they know that.

  2. Ahhh, Barb, you know how to start off my mornings! Thanks sweetie. I'm going to have to check out Dustin Clare in 'Spartacus'. Sadly, I haven't seen him, yet...but lookin' forward to some drool fest over him.

    A trip to Down Under sounds real good... Hey, ladies, THAT'S where we can have our conference...heehee. :)

    Great post, Barb! Have a wonderful day.

    JD :)

  3. Yes, they're definitely a way to bring brightness to a record-low, snowbound morning. Don't wait too long to check out Dustin Clare (Gannicus), JD. The "Gods of the Arena" has only three episodes left then, I fear, he'll be gone. I've only been able to see Starz for the last two weeks, so I missed the first installment. (Spoiler alert--way bloody.)

  4. What a great way to start the morning, Barb! I've always liked the movies with sexy men in armor. Perhaps in a past life I was a princess rescued by dashing, yet bloodied prince who fought his way to my side. Uh, well, most probably I was the scullery maid who no one ever noticed! LOL

    Barb - I like your addendum - personal heroes are so much better than on-screen ones.

  5. Great post! I LOOOVE Alex O'Loughlin and have to admit, tho' I'm not normally a Jake G. fan, he was looking fine in Prince of Persia.
    So anyway, going w/ Alex O. when he's all sweaty and geared up in Hawaii 5-0 to catch some bad guys. Or shirtless. He's good shirtless too;) LOL

  6. Barb,

    You made my night. Just leave it at that. Great post. Definitely worth the wait.

  7. Yeah, Jake G. really, I mean REALLY got my attention in Prince of Persia. My kids watch it for the action. I watch it for, well, other reasons... ;)

  8. I tried writing earlier but my Internet is sparadoic today. I just was going to comment on all of these fine Australian men and how it makes me want to plan a trip to Australia soon.

    I love Alex in Hawaii Five-O and he is one of the main reasons that I love the show.

    I also had a huge crush on Heath Leger when I was in high school and 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU came out. He was even more awesome in A KNIGHT'S TALE. It was so sad that he had to die so young.

    Great post, Barb!

  9. Wonderful post, Barb! That guy in Spartacus is drool inspiring, as are the rest. But I love HJ all dressed up in his leather clad duster and hat from Van Helsing. I used that shot as a background for my desktop for EVER. And then there's Wolverine....aaahhh...

  10. Forgot to mention, Alex O' had me at Moonlight.
    And my personal hero keeps me laughing and awed by his thoughfulness, (he's not infuriating me). LOL!

  11. Oh shoot...WHEN he's not infuriating me.

  12. Yeah, Lori, Van Helsing was good as was Wolverine. Kasey - totally love Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You and a Knight's Tale is one of my fave movies. He was excellent as Joker in Batman, too. It is sad that he is no longer with us...

  13. Hugh Jackman has been a favorite of mine for years. SWOON!

  14. I also like MARTIN HENDERSON from the new doctor's show on ABC. And LIAM HEMSWORTH in THOR is pretty hot too. OH, and the new guy that will be playing in IMMORTALS/THE TUDORS and the new SUPERMAN, HENRY CAVILL.