Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Like it Long

Get your minds out of the gutter ladies. I know what you're thinking, but I'm talking about our hero's hair. For years, long haired men (Fabio comes to mind) have graced the covers of romance novels. Although I've never been a fan of Fabio, I was a fan of long hair on my heroes. My first was Royce from the cover of Johanna Lindsey's, Hearts Aflame. Thus began my affair with red haired men.

Then Pierce Brosnan, and the very hot guy who sat across from me in band, stormed into my life and blew my obsession with red hair out the window. From that moment on it was men with jet black hair ruled my world and the pages of my stories. Although I still drool over the occasional red head I see on TV.

As I got older, dated men with both lengths, and read books with characters that had shorter hair, I came to realize it didn't matter whether my hero had long hair or short, there just needed to be enough for heroine to run her hands through or tug on in a moment of passion or if he was being cheeky.

Some men look good with long hair, some with short, and then there are the men who don't know the meaning of a bad hair day. These would look good bald or anyway you trimmed them up.

So tell me ladies, which do you prefer for the men in your life be they real or characters you read or write about?


  1. Hey Elke!

    Well, I LOVE HUGH JACKMAN, and I don't care how long his hair is or even if he has any, b/c you can always tug on his ears too, if he gets too cheeky!! :) LOL!

    But you have hit upon a trend that is coming back, b/c on the SPARTACUS show most of the men there have long hair, and on some of the primetime shows too...and it looks awesome.

    In my books one of my heroes, RAMSEY, has longish hair, but he also has a distinguished silver streak above his ears too...YUM...

    So I can go either way, short or long, but I'm not too keen on bald. Just MO.


  2. Trish,

    You're absolutely right about Hugh Jackman which is why I had to put two pictures of him up there.

    It's a trend I'm happy is coming back.

    God have a sense of humor. When I was 18, I remember saying I'd never date a bald man with hair on his back. I ended up being married to one. LOL. Thankfully he waxes. :-)

  3. LOL Elke! Some men just suit the long hair fantastically! I prefer the brush cut look myself but sometimes you're right just a little length to tug on isn't bad! LOL JD posted about a cutie with long hair and I had to mop up the drool when I saw the pics of him with short hair.

    An outward appearance is just that - the cover of the book. If there's only blank pages inside, it doesn't matter what the cover looks like - a blank book is still a blank book. Once I check out the outer package there better be some substance inside.

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  5. Oh, Hugh, how do I love thee........
    But I love thee better with long hair;)

    That goes for just about all my heroes. Except for some reason I like Alex O'Loughlin (Hawaii 5-0) with short hair. I honestly thought I was getting sick b/c I ALWAYS prefer long,long,long baby! lol
    Thanks for a great post, Elke!

  6. Love the post Elke.

    Hugh Jackman, oh, yes, any length. As for me, I have always liked long hair--or longish. Maybe that's why I like historicals so well--(TV, Movies, and Books)--the men usually sport long locks. Bald? Only if he looks like Yul Brynner.:0
    (Trish--are you a Spartacus fan?)

  7. OMG......yeah, HUGE Spartacus fan, just started watching it recently and I'm LOVING the long haired Aussie!!!

    Some of the scenes are HOT...Scorching!!

    Oh, and how could I forget my favorite VAMP, Alex O' Loughin???


  8. Ohhhh-la-la! I so love Hugh Jackman too! Yep, I'm a long hair lovin' gal! I tend to always gravitate towards those wild rugged lookin' men. Don't get me wrong...I appreciate a man with a short hair do as well but I love running my fingers through a long silky mane or grabbing hold of it during those passionate moments. My husband used to have long nice...uh where was I? Oh, anyway, long hair hands down...but it must be clean.

    Great post, Elke! Thanks for the Hugh Jackman fix.

    JD :)

  9. I am also a fan of Hugh. I love him clean cut, like in Kate and Leopold, or with somehwat wild hair like in X-men or you know, however, he wants to wear it.

    I do like longer hair, but it has to work on the guy. There are some guys who can't pull it off, or just can't get the lenght right for them, but I do like something that I can run my hand through. :)

  10. Great post, Elke. I usually prefer Hugh with short, neat, hair - yep, like in Kate and Leopold, or Someone Like You. But, man...I had him as wallpaper for two years as the character Van Helsing. All that leather, those blade weapons, ropes, hat...yum!