Monday, August 13, 2012

The Olympics of Life

Last night most of us watched the Closing Ceremonies for the Olympics - well, I say most of us because I didn't actually watch it. My kids wanted to watch a movie so I snuggled up with them and did that instead. Anyway, back to my real discussion...

I'm not a sports fanatic by any means. The only time I watch sports on television is when the Olympics are on. Why? For me, it's about the world coming together in the name of sportsmanship to see who will reign supreme until the next four year cycle. As a former elite gymnast, I appreciate the dedication, perseverance and determination of the worlds athletes. And who doesn't like to watch their own country compete, pride for their fellow man echoing in their heart?

As I religiously watched the artistic gymnastics competition, both mens and womens, a sense of awe permeated my being. The sport has changed so much since I competed. When you consider what athletes were doing skill-wise in the '70's as compared to now (I competed in the '80's and 90's - I'm not that old!), the sport has come a long way. I'd love to say I have a favorite event to watch, but as I watch the gymnasts tumble, vault and fly around the bars, not to mention leap along a four-inch wide beam - I can't pick one. I am amazed by all of it. What fills me with pride is not only watching what they can do but how they react to the outcome.

In the Olympics, like in life, sometimes you're the athlete collecting the gold at the top of the podium, and sometimes you're the one who didn't even make top five. I was so proud of our Canadian womens gymnastics team because even though they didn't bring home a medal, they were fifth in the world which is the best standing they've had for some time.

Often in life, we get down on ourselves because we didn't get the number one spot, or second, or third. We forget to appreciate how far we've come in a short amount of time. Watching the Olympics, seeing countries participate who were not allowed to before, watching as sports are added to the roster, reminds me of how far we can all go in our lives with a little determination, perseverance and the belief we can do anything.

Now that the Olympics are over, let's not forget that spirit of togetherness that for two weeks brought the world together to witness the best the world had to offer. As the highs and lows of life reach us, let's remember to be grateful for those who coach us along in life - our friends, our family, our fellow writers, our publishers, our readers - and give thanks for another day to give it our best shot.

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