Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Heroic Hearts

What makes a hero/heroine? Is it their ability to save their loved ones from danger? Is it their physical strength or appearance? Do they have supernatural powers? Is it their profession?

No matter the setting for a story, all romances have something in common - the characters
put their hearts on the line for love. To me, a true hero or heroine is one who allows love back into their heart again after it has been broken. They take that terrifying yet thrilling leap and stand before another person, offering their heart in their hand with the hope that the one they love will take care of it, cherish it, protect it. Whether in the pages of a book or in real life, it is a surrender of the sweetest kind.

Here are some of my favorite fictional heroes/heroines:
In Julie Anne Long's THE PERILS OF PLEASURE Madeleine Greenway, after losing her loved ones, kidnaps the dashing Colin Eversea for the money, only to risk more than her life--her heart.

SOMETHING ABOUT YOU by Julie James, Jack Pallas isn't thrilled to be working alongside Cameron Lynde the woman he thinks got him transferred to a shit post in the FBI out of spite. When he learns that she did it to save his job, he does whatever it takes to protect the love of his life.

And my new favorite couple are Maggie Monroe and Rafe McBride from RAFE'S REDEMPTION by friend and fellow angel Jennifer Jakes. (I <3 Rafe, and that's all I'm going to say ;))

Werewolf or vampire, fireman or doctor, writer or dancer, actor or fitness fanatic - the human heart has an incredible capacity to love. It takes a few hits but keeps on ticking with the eternal hope that next time will be forever.

I'm blessed to know people who have put themselves out there again after a heartbreak and have found their happily ever after. It is inspiring. So who are your real life or fictional heroes/heroines who put their hearts out there for love?

Monday, March 28, 2011


Hello Angels! Today I want to talk about losing it. "It?” you ask.
Yes….IT! You know, the IT that we’re all born with, but hopefully, don’t die with. Virginity.

Now, there are many different forms of IT to lose and many ways to lose them. I’ve been privileged to have lost my virginity several times over in the last few years.

“How so?” you say?

1. A little over three years ago, I finished my FIRST novel.
2. Shortly afterward, I joined Romance Writers of America for the FIRST time.
3. A year or so later, I hooked up with Romance Junkies and entered my FIRST writing contest where other eyes could see my work (Besides friends, co-workers, and my mother, who thinks anything that comes from me is pure genius.)
4. Last year, I set up my FIRST website, after which I got my FIRST hit.
5. I also set up my FIRST blog.
6. Went to my FIRST RWA conference.
7. FIRST became part of a writing group of gorgeous, diverse, supportive, and talented women called the Ass Cheek Angels…thank GOD!
8. Read some of my work in front of a crowd for the FIRST time. (I would rather walk through fire than go through that again, but I know I’ll have to get used to it!)
9. And most recently had my “Pitching Cherry” POPPED by a 4’8” tall force to be reckoned with by the name of Cherry Weiner. (See latter half of #8…)

This got me to thinking how lucky I am to still be growing enough and expanding my world enough to be able to experience these wonderful firsts. Aren’t we lucky to live in a world that allows this?

Now, of course, this blog being what it is, and with my mind’s perpetual tendency to jump to more risqué subject matter, I got to thinking of my other FIRST and the way it happened a long, long time ago…in a kingdom far away…cough…no, not really. But it was on a back road somewhere in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. :O But, I digress!

I got to thinking how ‘unspectacular’ that first time was…for me, anyway…and started thinking about what type of person I would have chosen if I could pick ANYONE in the world to lose IT with. He or she, if you so choose, can be a real person, an actor, a character in a movie, or a book. (I do, however, draw the line at bestiality…you KNOW who you are!)

Now, I’ve always been drawn to older, more mature men. I’m not talking about someone who has to use a walking cane or anything like that, but, if I could do it over, I’d want someone with a little more finesse. A man who would have shown me how the first time should be done without all the trial and error it led to for years afterwards. Someone who wanted to please me, not just himself.

Ever since I thought of this topic on the way home from the conference yesterday, one picture keeps coming (no pun intended) to mind. Okay, you may think my choice is lame, and this may just be the product of total exhaustion I’ve experienced for the last week or so, but the one face that keeps popping (again, no pun intended) up in my head is the character, Cody Cullen, in the Hallmark movie, “The Christmas Card”. (Played by John Newton) He was a soldier…a loner… who longed to belong to some place and to somebody. Good looking, quiet, caring, and absolutely sensitive to the needs of a woman. I’m sure he would have treated me to a soul searing orgasmic experience I would have remembered fondly for the rest of my life.

So, what about you ladies? Just for kicks, let’s leave the hubbies out. Would you want it to be your teacher, your preacher, a stranger you fantasized about in an elevator? Would it be a character in a novel, someone from the big screen, or a television show? Would he be a real person like a president, or a professional athlete?

Expand your horizons, girls, and tell me who you’d like to lose IT with if you could make the choice of anyone you choose.
Have fun fantasizing….I sure did.


P.S. I was just kidding about the bestiality thing…just wanted to make y’all ask yourselves “WHO the hell is she talking about??? Did it work? LOL!)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Macho, Macho Man...........

Now that I've got you all singing along with the Village People (LOL) ............

How about those Alpha Males? Love 'em? Hate em? Love to hate them? Or do you love them on paper and film but in real life not so much?

This week we're discussing Alphas and their counterparts, the Beta Male.

I'm sure all of us have a favorite Alpha. Maybe he's your guilty pleasure at the movies. Or perhaps the Dom in the BDSM book you just read. Just thinking about him curls your toes. But............
What about a man with feelings? A sensitive man who makes you laugh, listens to your concerns, dresses in something besides torn jeans and a leather jacket.

Why do women tend to forget the "good guy"? Or worse! Why do we always tell him: "I just want to be friends?"

Are we gluttons for punishment?  Or does it go back to cave man days -- or *gasp* even further? High School? Are we still "wired" to look for the strongest, best-hunter of the group? When maybe we should have looked at the nerdy cave man figuring out how to make fire? (I'm sure he died a billionaire once he got that first patent going.)  Are we still looking at the football hero when we should be looking in the computer lab? (Bill Gates. That's all I'm saying.)

OK, here's the really deep part. I think we write romance because we can create the perfect blend. The perfect BALPHA MALE. He's strong and stubborn, but he's sensitive and can cry. He will fight to the death for us, but let us drive his sports car. He can cook. And willingly washes the dishes.
He's perfect ........and he only exists on paper.

So what do you think, ladies? Do you find yourself drawn to Alpha or Beta males in movies or books? Action hero or Romantic Comedy?  Rouge or guy next door?

Love to hear your thoughts!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The unlikely hero?

In today's society, a lot of emphasis is placed upon the physical attributes of a person.  When a person is physically fit or attractive, the general consensus is he/she must be a good person; yet, in fact looks has nothing to do with the true character of a person.  There is also a tendency to believe that people who may not be so physically fit or lack a certain 'look' will somehow lack strength or grace when dealing with a crisis or 'not so' ideal situations. 

However, some of my favorite literary and movie characters are the ones who come in and save the day when all hell breaks loose and they don't exactly have the Hugh Jackman or Brad Pitt sex appeal. 

One particular character is Simon Birch.  The movie title also carries the same name of this unforgettable character.  Simon is a 12 year old boy with dwarfism; yet, his lack of height doesn't deter his inner strength.  It most definitely doesn't represent the monumental size of his compassionate heart or standing up for his strong convictions.  If you haven't seen this movie, I urge you to watch it.  Simon Birch's true strength shines through especially when it's needed most and he saves the lives of many children.  Sadly, Simon's little body betrays him in the end.

Some others which come to mind are Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee from 'Lord of the Rings'. Both hobbits exhibit extraordinary courage and strength in the face of true evil while on their journey to Mordor.  Their persistence with continuing their horrific tasks saves Middle-earth.

Alexandra Ivy's Guardian of Eternity Series includes a flirty French gargoyle named Levet.  This off beat character doesn't exude the menacing presence of a gargoyle, hell, he doesn't even have the massive size which the rest of his family exhibits.  However, his quick humor and sometimes effective magic has come in handy on several occasions when the powerful vampires or Weres are stuck in some type of bind.  Yeah, they really hate being rescued by the 'vertically challenged' and magical gargoyle but it's quite amusing for the readers.

These characters may not have the Hollywood good looks, but they each possess a beautiful essense within their souls.  Their not so perfect bodies contribute to the inner strength and courage which they need in order to save the day.

So what are some of your favorite unlikely heroes?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cartoon Crushes?

I grew up in the era when Disney had a ton of new animated movies come out, such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King. I was eight years old when The Little Mermaid came out and I remember how all my friends and I gushed about how hot Eric was. He was one of my first crushes. How could he not be, he was a prince! Not only was he a prince, but he was tall, dark and handsome with bright blue eyes. Of course that was not all. While he was a handsome prince, he was down to earth for the most part. He played the flute, loved his dog and enjoyed sailing. I mean a friendly, kind prince with cool hobbies was awesome.

Aladdin also had his attributes. He was also tall, dark and handsome. He was smart and loyal. After all he stole bread to feed himself and Abu, but gave it to two orphan children after almost being caught with it. He also loved animals, which was shown by his friendship with his cute, vest wearing monkey. Not to mention his moves on a first date with a magic carpet ride and passing her the apple with is elbow. That's pretty suave.

On the other hand, the beast was well a beast. He had a huge gothic castle, loyal servants in the form of inanimate objects, albeit a beastly temper. However, I would put up with that just to get into that library! My one issue was that when the made him human, he was well, nothing spectacular.

Then years went by and I grew up, went to high school and no other animated prince ever appealed to me again, that was until Dmitri from Anastasia. I was a junior in high school and it was a Sunday night. Seven girls and I piled into a van and drove to the nearest movie theater. Since it was a late show on a Sunday night there were two other people in the theater besides us girls, who were all juniors or seniors. I will never forget when Dmitri appeared on the screen my friend leaned over and said, “Damn!” I wholeheartedly agreed, with a,”Yeah, too bad he is fictional and a cartoon”

While all of these princes/heroes were animated, they definitely impacted my impression of what a hero should be. Not just what he should look like, but what kind of inner qualities he should have, how he should treat his princess, and how finding the woman he loves can change him.

Have you ever found a cartoon character appealing? Why or why not?