Sunday, March 20, 2011

Macho, Macho Man...........

Now that I've got you all singing along with the Village People (LOL) ............

How about those Alpha Males? Love 'em? Hate em? Love to hate them? Or do you love them on paper and film but in real life not so much?

This week we're discussing Alphas and their counterparts, the Beta Male.

I'm sure all of us have a favorite Alpha. Maybe he's your guilty pleasure at the movies. Or perhaps the Dom in the BDSM book you just read. Just thinking about him curls your toes. But............
What about a man with feelings? A sensitive man who makes you laugh, listens to your concerns, dresses in something besides torn jeans and a leather jacket.

Why do women tend to forget the "good guy"? Or worse! Why do we always tell him: "I just want to be friends?"

Are we gluttons for punishment?  Or does it go back to cave man days -- or *gasp* even further? High School? Are we still "wired" to look for the strongest, best-hunter of the group? When maybe we should have looked at the nerdy cave man figuring out how to make fire? (I'm sure he died a billionaire once he got that first patent going.)  Are we still looking at the football hero when we should be looking in the computer lab? (Bill Gates. That's all I'm saying.)

OK, here's the really deep part. I think we write romance because we can create the perfect blend. The perfect BALPHA MALE. He's strong and stubborn, but he's sensitive and can cry. He will fight to the death for us, but let us drive his sports car. He can cook. And willingly washes the dishes.
He's perfect ........and he only exists on paper.

So what do you think, ladies? Do you find yourself drawn to Alpha or Beta males in movies or books? Action hero or Romantic Comedy?  Rouge or guy next door?

Love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I have to admit that at first glance I'm totally taking in the entire package. But then once I've admired the cover, I look at the eyes. Eyes tell a lot about a person - they are truly a window into someone's soul. then he's got to be able to make me laugh. Lastly, he has to be honest and sincere. So important for me. so far, I only create these heroes and have yet to meet one in person. Perhaps one day my imagination will come to life! LOL

    Great post Jenn! Love the pics ;)

  2. Oh - and I looovvee Vin Diesel! I follow him on fb and he's seems very enlightened and sincere! I absolutely love what he posts and the fact that he manages his own page. *sigh*

  3. I love the Alpha male on paper--between the pages of a book--because then he can be controlled and his attitude adjusted by the usually female writer. After learning my lesson the hard way, I finally looked to the Beta male and realized, yep, this was the kind of guy I liked. Because of his sensitivity--and the fact that I hate to cook :) Our biggest problem was making decisions. We used to laugh about it. I definitely recommend 'em.

  4. Great post, Jenn. I love the Beta male, but I'm married to an did that happen? I like to tease my husband that he showed his sensitive side when we were dating and after we became serious I married him hoping that sensitive guy would return. YEA RIGHT! LOL.

    Although I am enjoying my Alpha male, I agree with you Jenn, a Balpha male would be nice to have, not only in our stories but real life too.

  5. From what I've seen of Vin on his fb page he's a hot Balpha! Jenn you're so lucky your new mailman looks and sounds like him. Maybe it IS him! You know like when celebs pose as every day people and then give away money... LOL

  6. Yeah, definitely the Balpha male would work for me too! Don't get me wrong, I love the 'eye candy. The outside package is nice but just like Kellie mentioned, I love a man who can make me double over from laughing so hard. I find a great sense of humor so sexy. Oh, and the fact that he believes I'm the greatest thing since slice bread is even better...heehee.

    Great post, Jen!

  7. A Balpha male sounds good to me! Alpha males are okay in films and on paper, but in real life they are definitely not my type.

  8. Yeah. Y'all know I'm a nerdlover.
    Alphas are good to date, and if you can find yourself a semi-whipped Alpha with a dark past, that's always appealling. But really only for a weekend. After that the brooding gets to be a buzz kill. And like my Pilates instructor says, when the lights go out, they all look alike anyway.

  9. Balpha Male lover, here too. Gets to be a drag keeping those Alphas up on that pedestal. Besides, I don't like being with anyone prettier than gives me a complex.
    Sorry I was late with the blog, but I was having issues.

  10. I love romantic comedies, and they almost always have some form of Beta hero. I like the lovable ones that set the women on a pedestal and treat them with respect and awe.