Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Heroic Hearts

What makes a hero/heroine? Is it their ability to save their loved ones from danger? Is it their physical strength or appearance? Do they have supernatural powers? Is it their profession?

No matter the setting for a story, all romances have something in common - the characters
put their hearts on the line for love. To me, a true hero or heroine is one who allows love back into their heart again after it has been broken. They take that terrifying yet thrilling leap and stand before another person, offering their heart in their hand with the hope that the one they love will take care of it, cherish it, protect it. Whether in the pages of a book or in real life, it is a surrender of the sweetest kind.

Here are some of my favorite fictional heroes/heroines:
In Julie Anne Long's THE PERILS OF PLEASURE Madeleine Greenway, after losing her loved ones, kidnaps the dashing Colin Eversea for the money, only to risk more than her life--her heart.

SOMETHING ABOUT YOU by Julie James, Jack Pallas isn't thrilled to be working alongside Cameron Lynde the woman he thinks got him transferred to a shit post in the FBI out of spite. When he learns that she did it to save his job, he does whatever it takes to protect the love of his life.

And my new favorite couple are Maggie Monroe and Rafe McBride from RAFE'S REDEMPTION by friend and fellow angel Jennifer Jakes. (I <3 Rafe, and that's all I'm going to say ;))

Werewolf or vampire, fireman or doctor, writer or dancer, actor or fitness fanatic - the human heart has an incredible capacity to love. It takes a few hits but keeps on ticking with the eternal hope that next time will be forever.

I'm blessed to know people who have put themselves out there again after a heartbreak and have found their happily ever after. It is inspiring. So who are your real life or fictional heroes/heroines who put their hearts out there for love?


  1. Kellie,

    I love your post. I think writer's are the ultimate heroes/heroines because we put our heart on the line every time we send out a submission. We never stop loving our lovers no matter how many rejections we receive.

  2. Very true, Lisa :)

    Kellie, A super post. I haven't read the Julie Long you mentioned, but I'll get it--it sounds very good. Of course, Rafe and Maggie are a smokin' hot couple!!!!:) I don't have just one favorite couple, tho. I like those who find each other after a struggle and live, of course, HEA :)

  3. Kellie,

    Wonderful post, so true! I have to agree with both Lisa and Barb. Lisa about submitting our stories again and again and Barb, there are too many to pick just one.

    Loved your sexy poem!

  4. First off, OMG for JULIE ANN LONG...if ANY of you have NOT read her............YOU MUST GO BUY THE WHOLE PENNYROYAL SERIES NOW!!!

    Kellie, not to steal your post but you brought up a good point!

    With my last post I asked are romances still romances? I believe that JULIE ANN LONG captures beauty, wit, power and passion, (and even includes hot sex) without it seeming gratuitous and sleazy. Especially her latest in the Pennyroyal series!

    Okay, to the topic at hand. I nominate my mother who was trampled on by my 'real' father, who left her before I was born, yet she found the courage to allow another man, a better man, into her life. She captures exactly what you were speaking of Kellie.

    As for fictional characters, hmm....that might take awhile to figure out. But one for sure is JUDE DEVERAUX'S, KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR.


  5. Great post, Kellie. To love is risk, no doubt about it. It is amazing we ever offer our heart to anyone, considering how it often ends.

    My mother epitomizes try, try again when it comes to love. She's been married four times, and the fourth time was the charm. She is finally with her soulmate, and although it wasn't an easy road to get there, she's finally happy in love.

    Kellie, you amaze me with the strength you've shown through a very difficult situation. You are one tough chick. Take a deep breath, put on your shades because out of the darkness, the future is bright.

    Much love your way.

  6. Aw thanks Cherie! *wipes a stray tear* Well Elizabeth Taylor was married what - 5 times? She said in an interview once that she was always true to herself and I think that's the best advice any of us can take.

    Trish - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Pennroyal Green Series! I'm totally hooked on them. Barb, you would love the series.

    Lisa - I think you're right. We put our hearts into our work and even when they are rejected, we nurse them back to health and put them out there again! So, it's like putting ourselves out there again and again!

    Elke - glad you liked the poem. hehehe If any of you are on fb you can check is out on my author page - Kellie Kamryn.

  7. Sorry, I am so late to responding. A great post Kellie and I love JAL's books. I have yet to read the new Pennroyal Green book, but I have loved them all so far.

    A great post, as always!

  8. You'd love the Pennroyal Series Kasey!

  9. I have read all of them but the new book. I still have to remember to pick that one up sometime.

  10. Okay, after this one, I'm caught up! Sorry again, ladies. I miss y'all. Wish I had time to read more, have so many downloads now, and books TBR I doubt I'll ever catch up.

    Have to agree with you about us writers, Lisa. With every rejection comes another broken I still alive? But I love my characters. (Red McAllister...aka Bradley Cooper...sigh)

    I know Trish's mom, and she's truly an inspiration.

    In October of this past year, my older sister lost her husband of 20 years (second marriages for both of them) after helping him fight...and I mean FIGHT reoccuring cancers he'd had during their entire marriage. He had his first bout five years before he met her when he was still married to his first wife. The doctors had all given up hope for him and while he lay dying in his hospital bed, his first wife was out in the hallway making out with another man, as well as sleeping with this same man in thier home, in their bed. The nurses couldn't take it anymore and told my future brother in law he needed to fight for his life, defy the odds, and LIVE so he could divorce her and find somebody good enough for him. That's exactly what he did. Like my sister told the priest for his eulogy...he was such a strong man, it took three cancers to kill him. So... In my mind, my sister and her husband are heroes. One surviving.