Monday, March 28, 2011


Hello Angels! Today I want to talk about losing it. "It?” you ask.
Yes….IT! You know, the IT that we’re all born with, but hopefully, don’t die with. Virginity.

Now, there are many different forms of IT to lose and many ways to lose them. I’ve been privileged to have lost my virginity several times over in the last few years.

“How so?” you say?

1. A little over three years ago, I finished my FIRST novel.
2. Shortly afterward, I joined Romance Writers of America for the FIRST time.
3. A year or so later, I hooked up with Romance Junkies and entered my FIRST writing contest where other eyes could see my work (Besides friends, co-workers, and my mother, who thinks anything that comes from me is pure genius.)
4. Last year, I set up my FIRST website, after which I got my FIRST hit.
5. I also set up my FIRST blog.
6. Went to my FIRST RWA conference.
7. FIRST became part of a writing group of gorgeous, diverse, supportive, and talented women called the Ass Cheek Angels…thank GOD!
8. Read some of my work in front of a crowd for the FIRST time. (I would rather walk through fire than go through that again, but I know I’ll have to get used to it!)
9. And most recently had my “Pitching Cherry” POPPED by a 4’8” tall force to be reckoned with by the name of Cherry Weiner. (See latter half of #8…)

This got me to thinking how lucky I am to still be growing enough and expanding my world enough to be able to experience these wonderful firsts. Aren’t we lucky to live in a world that allows this?

Now, of course, this blog being what it is, and with my mind’s perpetual tendency to jump to more risqué subject matter, I got to thinking of my other FIRST and the way it happened a long, long time ago…in a kingdom far away…cough…no, not really. But it was on a back road somewhere in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. :O But, I digress!

I got to thinking how ‘unspectacular’ that first time was…for me, anyway…and started thinking about what type of person I would have chosen if I could pick ANYONE in the world to lose IT with. He or she, if you so choose, can be a real person, an actor, a character in a movie, or a book. (I do, however, draw the line at bestiality…you KNOW who you are!)

Now, I’ve always been drawn to older, more mature men. I’m not talking about someone who has to use a walking cane or anything like that, but, if I could do it over, I’d want someone with a little more finesse. A man who would have shown me how the first time should be done without all the trial and error it led to for years afterwards. Someone who wanted to please me, not just himself.

Ever since I thought of this topic on the way home from the conference yesterday, one picture keeps coming (no pun intended) to mind. Okay, you may think my choice is lame, and this may just be the product of total exhaustion I’ve experienced for the last week or so, but the one face that keeps popping (again, no pun intended) up in my head is the character, Cody Cullen, in the Hallmark movie, “The Christmas Card”. (Played by John Newton) He was a soldier…a loner… who longed to belong to some place and to somebody. Good looking, quiet, caring, and absolutely sensitive to the needs of a woman. I’m sure he would have treated me to a soul searing orgasmic experience I would have remembered fondly for the rest of my life.

So, what about you ladies? Just for kicks, let’s leave the hubbies out. Would you want it to be your teacher, your preacher, a stranger you fantasized about in an elevator? Would it be a character in a novel, someone from the big screen, or a television show? Would he be a real person like a president, or a professional athlete?

Expand your horizons, girls, and tell me who you’d like to lose IT with if you could make the choice of anyone you choose.
Have fun fantasizing….I sure did.


P.S. I was just kidding about the bestiality thing…just wanted to make y’all ask yourselves “WHO the hell is she talking about??? Did it work? LOL!)


  1. Okay, I'll be the first to post in the virginal comment section. It wasn't on my wedding night, but IT was lost with my hubby, but if I could pick who my young self would give IT to, it would have probably been Jon Bon Jovi. His was the only poster I put up on my bedroom wall, and his sensitive song lyrics and sexy, gravelly voice would be perfect for that one perfect night. *sigh*

  2. Awesome post, Lori! I totally agree with you; I too love to experience all the amazing 'firsts' in life.

    In regards to the more 'intimate' first time...hmmmm....let's see, if I was my younger self I'd say Joe Elliott from Def Leppard because they were my favorite band when I was a teenager and I had the biggest crush on him. Yeah, their posters covered every inch of my walls.

    If I was to pick someone while I was in my early to mid-twenties, I'd pick Hugh Jackman or David Boreanaz. Both are tall, dark, and oh so yummy. Oh hell, who am I kidding? I'd pick them now too. :)

    Congrats on all your exciting firsts, Lori!

    JD :)

  3. Lori, this is not quite the vein I had in mind for your subject, but it fits! You did a great job, got me thinking too!

    Sherry (cheri) mine was with my first hubby also. And it was about as fun as the way Lori described hers. The first time with my second hubby was WAY better! But.......

    If I had my choices I would chose TWO of them...My fantasy pic would be Gerard Butler (for obvious reasons, of course) and my fiction/novel character pic would be....BUTCH from JR WARD'S BDB books...just a regular, hard working man, with a rough side that he can't fully contain...YUM!!!

    Now I have enough stimulation for my imagination to write a few good chapters...thanks Lori!!! LOL!


  4. Great post, Lori!

    Congrats on all the firsts, and for making the rest of us feel sluts, or is it just me? :-)

    My first time was in a pool, which was the only thing that made it memorable.

    There are many men I would consider having sex with (Hugh Jackman), but for my first, I would have to say, Royce from Hearts Aflame. He was brave, caring, strong and made my toes curl everytime I looked at his picture on the cover of the book.

  5. OMG! I love that Hallmark movie! I watch it several times every December. And you're right, Cody would make sure it would be good.
    But if I could do my first time over. . . .hmmm. How about Johnny Depp? ;)

  6. OH, OH, or Alex O'Loughlin. Yes. One of them.

  7. Oooh....I KNEW this would be one to get those juices flowing! LOL!

  8. And may I just add Sam Elliot, at any freaking age.'s what's for dinner.

  9. In the last few years, there have been a lot of "firsts" for me too: travelling alone, attending my first writing conference, attending a party with all of you which resulted in this hilarious adventure we named the Ass Cheek Angels, and writing several novels as well as learning how to sell my work.
    My "first" time was with a guy who sweet-talked me until he got what he wanted and then promptly dumped me. I definitely could've chosen better there! LOL Afterwards, I thought, "That's it?" Romance novels always make losing your virginity so much more exciting...

    Since I'm in the process of getting a divorce, there will be many firsts for me and I'm nervous about losing "IT" again! ROFL As for the characters I'd choose for my first time - Orlando Bloom and Sam Worthington. Hands down. Well, they can put their hands anywhere they want... teehee

  10. Ah...sigh.

    There was this guy in high school. I should have dated him. We were friends and he was shy but he really liked me. I should have said yes. I should have said yes, and we should have gone steady, and we should have made out for hours in the back of his crappy VW. And, yes, I should have lost IT with him. But my friends though he was a nerd, so I ended up dating assholes they approved of.

    Didn't give IT up 'til college, though. That's something in my favor, I guess. But IT would have been better with him.
    That guy.

    Ah... sigh.

  11. OH, OH, or Paul Walker. Yeah, one of them. ;-)

  12. WoW! What great post! My first time was (INSERT UNKNOWN WORD HERE), only because it was with my "best friend's ex boyfriend," who I'm not friends with anymore, but not because of that. I know, I'm a bad person, but he really didn't want her, and found himself "crying" on my shoulder most of the time, and I didn't push him away, only because I was the nerdy girl in school and wanted that drama-filled soap opera life...(Cecily, I know what you mean...I was in love with several assholes who used me, which at the time, I defined to be love, but in the end, I did marry a nerd! And Elke, I loved your comment about feel like a slut -- nice one!)

    As for who I would pick now that I'm older and wiser, I'd have to say it's a three way tie between Brett Favre, Bradley Cooper and Michael Douglas, (and yes, I'm aware of the many differences between them, but they all have something that I would want for that first time).

    Again, great post!

  13. Ooohhh...Yes! Bradley Cooper or Paul Walker. Nice choices Cecily and Chauncey!

  14. How could I forget ALEX O LOUGHLIN???? **Smacking head with hand** Or even Sam Worthington???

    Man, I need to reevaluate this....


  15. Yeesss! Jennifer, I like your choice! Alex O'Loughlin. He has that Austrailan accent, and he's very easy on the eyes. Great post, Lori! And congrats on your many firsts.

  16. Like Jennifer if I would get to pick anyone Johnny or Alex would be nice. Bradley Cooper is a good pick too! At the time I was in high school I would have probaly picked Leo DiCaprio if I could have picked anyone, or maybe Prince William (yeah, I had a cursh on him).

    I had a lot of simiar first the past year too. Traveling alone, my first time in Florida, my first time at RWA, and my first group blog with all you wonderful angels!

  17. I LOVE that this got so many comments, girls. Bradley Cooper....he's my vision for my 'Red McAllister' character. Paul Walker is my Tanner Collins character. Nice choices, ladies. Sam W., Sam E., Gerard, Alex, Paul, Jon, Brett, Michael, Bradley, Orlando,Hugh, Royce, Joe, Butch, David, Johnny, Cody, and Cecily's 'that guy'...every one just the inspiration we need to pick up pen and paper (laptop or pc) and write about them. Glad you all enjoyed the post.

  18. You're awesome, Lori. Thanks for this!

  19. You're verry welcome, Cec!

  20. I'm a little late on responding, but my first was with my first love It was memorable only because it was one of those "OMG, that is not how I planned for it to happen moments." Like Cecily, I did hang onto it until college.

    As for my fantasy man, Rhett Butler comes to mind.