Sunday, January 27, 2013

Death Becomes Us...Eventually

Death.  It’s all around us.  It’s part of our world.  It’s the natural order of things; whether in living organisms or the non living. You see it within nature while walking on a hiking trail.  Once strong and vibrant trees now lay dying on the forest's floor.  A spider snatches his prey from the stickiness of the elaborate web he wove.  A hawk swoops down and clutches his talons into a field mice’s small body.

Not only have you seen it from afar with others, you experienced it up close and personal as well.  It may have been while sitting with a loved one during his last night on this earth.  You held his hand and prayed for serenity for him and the family.  Softly whispering in his ear, you reassured him that everyone in the family would be fine and that it’s ok for him to ‘go home’. 

In technology, death comes much more easily.  There’s always the new and improved gadget of some sort of another.  As a child, I recall the eight tracks and vinyl record players being used in the home.  Now one usually will encounter the use of MP3 players, I-pods, and Satellite radio for one’s listening pleasure. That’s just to name a few sources for the advancements in society’s technology.  Some items become obsolete and the birth of something new and improved takes its place. 

Awww, now birth comes into play.  When there is death, there is also life.  Birth.  New beginnings.  It is a beautiful thing.  One hears it in the cooing sounds of a newborn baby or even sees it by the playfulness of a frisky kitten. 

I’m amazed by the cycle of life.  How fragile and unpredictable it is.  Nothing is certain and nothing is promised to us but this…death.  We know it will come eventually but when to be exact is not revealed to most of us.

So with that being said, 1) don’t wait to tell a loved one how much you care.  Yet, most importantly, show them. Actions definitely speak louder than words.   2) Don’t hold that petty grudge because one day it really will be irrelevant on who did what to whom and why.  Forgive and let go.  It’s holding you back and in essence it’s killing your spirit; therefore, one day closer to death.  3)  Be grateful for everything and everyone in your life.  Regardless of what has happened to you.  I believe there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason.  We learn and grow from the good and bad; whether they come from situations or people.  4)  Now go out and live.  Truly live.  Live your dreams and your goals.  Reach for them every day until you conquer them or until you are gone from this world.  Be your authentic self and live your life with abundance, peace, and grace.

Hugs, my friends.  I love you all. J


  1. Such a great message. Something I strive for every day - to live life to the fullest and enjoy each moment.
    Great thought-provoking post, JD :)

  2. Good post J.D. I like the technological analogy as well. Makes sense. If we sit around and wait for things to get better without appreciating what we already have, it's kind of like not buying a new computer or cell phone because you're afraid it will be obsolete soon. They will always be obsolete because things change so quickly. So grasp happiness when you can. :)