Sunday, March 11, 2012

Facebook Fun

Well, I finally took a major step this weekend. I set up a Facebook account. (That’s fine. I’ll wait a moment until you stop laughing.)

Several things had kept me from doing so until now, the major one being the fact I have dial-up Internet access. That slow delivery leads to interminable (and sometimes no) downloads and frequent computer freezes, to the point that some days I can’t get online at all. You’ve all heard me complain about that often enough.

Still, Friday afternoon I finally decided it was time to try out Facebook. I’d been assured getting one done was easy as pie. For most people it probably is. But--well, here’s how it went. I set up my name and password. So far so good. It wanted my age. I tried to sneak the year by, but it crossed its arms, stomped its foot, and refused to do anything. So I compromised--and gave it want it wanted.

Then it wanted me to add an image. I didn’t have one. I thought I’d use the shield from a corner of my webpage which I’d used before. It started to download the entire page. I quick hit cancel. It didn’t. So for a period of time, my image was a thumbnail of my entire webpage. Now this was a problem--why? I set up the first ‘trial’ page under my legal name. A lot of people who’ll see that site I don’t plan to share the writing name with. I want to have other writers as ‘friends’ on that ‘writer’ one, and I feel awkward asking them to friend me under both names.

Then it wanted the schools I attended. I swear I followed every darned instruction and they still popped up wrong. Finally got that straightened out. Then I tried to write something clever about myself like a lot of you have. Nada. I lost count of the times I typed something in and it never did take. So now it’s a critic?

Giving that up, I decided I’d had enough fun for one afternoon and night and fixed a good, stiff cup of coffee (I forgot to buy wine.) Saturday I started again. Finally I was ready to add friends. But all these strange people I didn’t know kept popping up, and I realized it was trolling for people who’d listed my colleges as theirs. I didn’t know one of them.

How do I get rid of all these faces and names of people I don’t want littering my site? I didn’t ask for them. Why were they there? And then suddenly I got a friend request. I don’t know how that person got my name. Is there a secret grapevine I don’t know about?

I want to thank all of you for friending me--and if I haven’t responded, it’s because I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing.

And to cap it off, I had to email Jen to ask how to post. Honestly!

P.S. I haven’t found my wall yet. Are there four of them?


  1. I remember trying to figure out facebook when I first joined. I had balked at it because it seemed like a time waster. Then I loved it. With all the changes they frequently make, I never figure out everything before they're changing something again. Play with it when you can & don't get stressed about it. LOL
    You have your wall when you click on your name on the top right hand corner. The Home lets you see what your friends post.
    As for friend requests - you get people requesting you based on some of your information. The great thing is if you don't want their friendship or don't know them, you just click that you don't accept. Only add people you're comfortable with, Barb. Let us know how your facebook journey goes!

    1. Hi Kellie, Thanks for filling me in on a few things. Like where my wall is. I'll go look for it tomorrow. (Have to do papers tonight.) You're right about not getting stressed out, but I think I need to know everything 'this instant' so I do get impatient. I appreciate you!

  2. Hi Barb,

    LMAO! I'm sorry to laugh but some of this sounds so freakishly familiar. I love that you wrote about your FB experience. It can be quite overwhelming at times. I agree with Kellie. Get to know it and play around with it some but it can be a tricky little devil. FB definitely likes to change. I think it likes to keep us all on our toes. LOL. Anyway, I'm glad I got your friend request and I look forward to seeing you around on there. Oh, and FYI, FB has been known to 'eat' your status comments. Really. One minute it may be there and then 'puff' more. Hungry little shit, too. Thanks again for a wonderful post, Barb!


    JD :)

  3. Thanks so much, JD. I'm so happy to have someone laugh with me. And to know I wasn't alone in the frustration. My next step is to figure out the purpose of the 'like' button. Ah the stories I could tell already, but better not LOL. And I saw your and Kellie's posts. Yay. It is kind of exciting. OK. You can see already I'm getting kind of hooked. I appreciate you welcome, too!

  4. Barb, good luck with your facebook journey. I think it probably set you up with a new timeline profile, which I think is kind of confusing. I haven't switched to it....I am holding off as long as I can.

  5. LMAO Barb! You are too funny! Let me tell you, I'm convinced there is a gremlin in my computer and it pops up and deletes entire paragraphs at a time. Not of my writing, but comments I make to various sites...not just facebook. This one too. And there is no effing undo button for comment writing, although if they can come up with all that have, somebody could come up with a tiny little 'get it back' button for comments. We could call it the 'oh shit' button, (like my mom's medical alert button...that she won't use...another story *sigh*)

    Anyway, long story short...I feel your pain girl! I find Facebook easy, but that's because I spent MONTHS perfecting a MySpace page. If you think FB is difficult, you'd have hated MS.

    Don't sweat it, it'll come to you, and if it doesn't, who gives a's just's not like it's the wonderful, fabulous Ass Cheek Angel site. Heh, heh, heh! Just please, stay away from games like Farmville, Fontierville, or any of those other games. From what I can see, it's like crack for Facebookers...people ignore their entire lives to spend hours building barns, planting gardens, digging for gold, etc. Ummm...speaking of which...I gotta get some writing done. *wink*

    Good luck and hang in there, Barb.
    Love ya,