Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Persistent or Ignorant?

Outside my front window, a very large evergreen stands, and it is a common place for many different animals to use as a home.  The latest resident is a beautiful red Cardinal; however, as much as I love nature, this bird is about to drive my family and me insane.

You see, this creature of instinct sees his reflection in my window each day and assumes he spots another cardinal trying to move into his territory.  As you can imagine, his bangs and bonks against the glass are highly irritating.  The amazing thing to me is, he will hit the glass multiple times in a matter of seconds and the assault continues for hours.

I've tried waving my arms, shouting, even trying to educate the poor brute by yelling, "It's YOU, you idiot!"  Yet, no matter what I've tried, he returns time after time, determined to defeat the "other" bird.

As I worked through my constant irritation, I reminded myself that I'm a writer, and all the world is fodder for material.  But how could some crazy bird inspire me in any way?

After thinking about his behavior, I was sure we had one thing in common.  Honestly though, I still haven't figured out if it's persistence or ignorance?  It could be a mix of both.

You see, though my writing has been rejected, misunderstood, ignored, and just plain dismissed, I continue to write and continue to submit, hoping for a different outcome each time.  Am I being persistent or am I just ignorant to my chances of being published as I continue to bang my head against the publishing world window?

In the end, to me, it doesn't matter.  Like that deranged cardinal, I refuse to quit until I've achieved my ultimate goals.  Nothing short of seeing one of my books on a bookstore bookshelf will satisfy me, so regardless of how much it hurts, watch me, I'm going in again.  Wish me luck!

Oh, and by the way, if you find yourself with a persistent/ignorant bird flying into one of your windows, a poster of John Cena in full wrestling wear hung in the window might seem weird to the neighbors, but will be too scary for a bull-headed Cardinal to take on.

Happy Writing!


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  1. Great post! It really can seem like we're banging our heads against the glass sometimes....but like that cardinal, a true writer can't give up. It's in our nature to write and the result of that is the hope to publish.

  2. Hey girl! What an awesome post and inspiring. I could use that as inspiration. BE THE CARDINAL...I AM THE CARDINAL...

  3. LOL- Great post! Definitely brought a smile this morning and I know exactly how you feel- banging the head against the glass. We just have to keep at it- persistent or ignorant- I have the same stubborn need- I think all of us writers do!

    Have a great day, Cherie!

  4. Sometimes being persistent in pursuing our goals means we have to adjust our vision. What is the end result we want to achieve? Which publishing house do we want to work with? Do we need representation or do we want to self-publish? I know my vision of being published has certainly changed since I first delved into this crazy world!

    These are questions that only we ourselves can answer and a picture of John Cena on my desktop certainly wouldn't hurt my vision, LOL! Perhaps like the Cardinal, he'd redirect my vision ;)

  5. One day the cardinal will fly at the window and it will be open!

  6. Awesome post, Cherie. Very inspiring. I've been on the fence this week about submitting again and having doubts. This post and photo was just the kick in the butt I needed.

    Good luck with your submission. You got one through and that's more than most.

  7. Really enjoyed the post, Cherie. And yes, someday (as Cara said) those windows will be open for us. Thanks and Good Luck.

  8. Thanks everyone for "getting it". The neighbors are selling their house so we took John Cena down and the bird is back but I have a much different attitude toward him lately.

    1. I totally love that John Cena kept the bird away! Total alpha male, LOL!