Wednesday, September 5, 2012


When I set out to be a published writer from the age of twelve, the last thing on my mind was how it worked. All I knew was I wanted to write stories with characters people could fall in love with like I feel in love with the H/H I read about. As I wrote my stories, I had fantasies of getting that letter or phone call (I started submitting before emails and the Internet were used for submissions) from an editor saying they wanted to publish my book. My advance would be enough for me to quit my job, and before the book was released, a director from Hollywood would discover it and want to make it into a movie, making me rich beyond my wildest dreams. The publishing company would promote my book while I traveled to do research on my next bestseller, ask for my input on the covers, and tell me when to show up for book signings.

Over the past four years, I've learned more about the industry and quickly realized I was a little off base (okay, a lot of base). Don’t get me wrong I am in NO WAY complaining. I’m ecstatic that someone wants to publish my book. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wish I’d taking those classes on publishing at the conference I went to, or even an online course so I was better prepared. (I’m a planner and prefer not to play catch up.) Or that I was more tech savvy so my blog and other social networks rocked. That said; I do know people who can make them rock and that know everything there is about the industry. 

So, a shout out to networking, and meeting wonderful people to make the journey with on the road to a successful and happy writing career.


  1. Publishing is certainly a process! Great post & congrats on the contract :)

  2. Elke,

    You'll be great at it all. You got Angels watching out for you (probably in two senses of the word). Plus, there have been a number of steps on your publishing journey. This is just another one forward, and you obviously didn't impulsively rush into it. You earned it!

    Great post! I know this is an exciting and anxious time for you. You'll be wonderful. And, I for one, can't wait to become a lifelong fan of your books.

  3. I'm so stinkin' excited for you!!! And SO glad I get make the journey with you!!! what was that about research travel trips???

    Love you!