Saturday, September 1, 2012


Not only am I humbled by friends and family and their continued support with my writing and self publishing journey, but I'm also humbled by new readers (ones I haven't had to recruit myself-but rather, ones that have seen my book on Amazon and have decided to read it). It gives me a flutter of heart happiness to see their reviews on my book, and their curiosity to see when the next books are coming out. :)

I'm also humbled by the move of the book itself as it reached the #21 spot, and the #111 spot on the Amazon Bestseller list! That was thrilling! And even though the book is now going back down to normal position, all of those readers who bought it are leaving reviews...that I'm thankful for...and I hope it continues!

So, now I'm almost finished with my set of edits for Drake's book, HER DRUID DESIRE, and hope to have it to my editor really soon...then it's off to the races for that one. Can't wait to learn all the new things that I have to do for e-publishing AND getting it to print!

Thanks to all of you angels for your help, support, and most of all, for your tips and expertise in this field. I am proud to call you all friends, and writer buddies! :)

My question: Do you all look forward to the process of getting a book out there, or are you a more behind the scenes kind of writer, you rather do the edits, corrections and the go between with you and your publisher?



  1. Congrats again, Trish! I didn't give any writing advice, but hopefully posting the link to your book on my author page and liking it on amazon helped.

    After just signing a contract myself and finding out all the behind the scenes things that need to be done to get book out there, I'm the one who is humbled and a little terrified, but in a good way. I was looking forward to the go between edits and got more than I bargined for. Lesson learn.

  2. I'm so happy to hear you're having such success, Trish. I'm definitely a behind-the-scenes kind of writer. Being an introvert, I just dread the process of promoting. Having said that, I just hope I get the chance to have to promote LOL.

    Continued good luck!!

  3. Congrats, Trish on the success of your book! It is quite a process to get your work out there, but if you persevere, it all gets done. Keep on it!

  4. Oh, I'm so proud of you, daughter in law! I know your talent and imagination will make those Amber Druids all the way to the top! I don't think it's a secret how I feel about the promo...I still say I need an assistant (Jennifer Hudson) like Carrie Bradshaw had in that Sex in the City movie. Someone who can build me a fabulous website, keep me current on Goodreads, Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, contact review sites, etc.
    Congrats and I can't wait to see more of the Amber Druid series!
    Love ya,