Monday, October 11, 2010

Bad boys...oh how we love to discipline them.

Nickelback - Chad Kroeger is one hot bad boy.  Check out his stance.
‘Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?  Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?’  Oh the notorious bad boy. What female hasn’t had some fixation on a bad boy at one time in her life?  I know I’ve had my share of twisted fantasies regarding the not so choir boy personas.

Hollywood's ultimate bad boy: Colin Farrell

Some of the classic bad boy images which flood my mind are the rocker, the tattooed covered biker, the rebellious preacher’s son, and the womanizing jock.  Oh yeah, those boys definitely knew how to raise the hair on the back of my mom’s neck to high heavens.  But I so loved them, probably more to the fact that they did ruffle her feathers.

The strong sexual pull these men tend to have over women can be nerve wracking on females' emotions not to mention their libidos.  Yet, I believe the most appealing aspect about these naughty guys is that females have a deep desire to be the ‘special someone’ to tame the demon and have him only unleashed on her and her alone.  Isn’t that why so many romance novels are so intriguing? 

Susan Johnson’s book ‘Golden Paradise’ is a classic example of such a bad boy.  The hero is an egotistical alpha male who believes he can continue his womanizing ways even after seducing the heroine.   He continually resists his growing admiration and love for her and it takes a series of dangerous and life threatening situations which forces him to face his fears of succumbing to truly giving himself to one woman.  And oh boy, when he finally loves her completely, the intensity of his emotions sparks their relationship into a deep meaningful one.
The original 'Rebel Without A Cause': James Dean

I admit that the change of heart does not always happen with all bad boys.  It can happen though. It doesn’t necessarily happen overnight but for the females who long to tame the wild beasts from others, there is hope.  Yet, isn’t half the fun of taming the beast includes riding the wild stud?  Yes, my sentiments exactly. 

So, who is a favorite wild man you’d like to tame …or not?


  1. I can't say that I have a favorite. But if you give me two pics of a potential hero -- an edgy, unshaven, hair just a little too long, slightly angry looking man VS. the all Amercian clean cut man -- sorry, I go for the dangerous one every time. I specifically didn't let my husband shave for 3 days before our wedding (much to his mother's dismay) and he looked hot!Hmmm. Come to think of it, he should be home from work pretty soon............ (hee hee hee)Perhaps a little snack before dinner..........

  2. LMAO!!!!!!! You GO GIRL! Just make sure that you don't hurt him when he walks in the door, Jenn! :)

    BTW, I LOVE a dark, brooding, ALPHA male. Arrogance is a must. Conceited (if written right) can be attractive. That slightly wicked curl to one side of his mouth making you wonder if he knows how to bring what he is offering, another must have. Come to think of it, all of my hero's in my books have that one-sided smile...hmmm... :)

    I LOVE that ultimate bad boy. I also LOVE Colin Farrell! I love Gerard Butler, Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper, although those last two aren't as bad boy as the first two. But you get the point.

    On the book side, well, I will tell anyone this more than once but I would love to get my 'proverbial hands' on Tegan from Lara Adrian's BREED series, also Chase from the same books. Butch from JR WARD, uh...yum?? I think so. Conrad from Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark. And from the historical aspect, Clayton Westmoreland from Whitney My Love.

    I'm sure if you give me more time I could come up with other yummy reasons!


  3. Great Post! I didn't realize I had a thing for bad boys, other than hot looking guys like Colin Farrell of course, until my husband. He is the ultimate alpha male and although he's not tamed (wouldn't want him to be) he is mellowing nicely with age.

    Trish, I love Clayton Westmoreland. Sigh, I've read that book more than any other in my collection.

    Jen, so funny, and true. Have fun! ;-)

  4. Great post! I love a good bad guy as well. There is also something extremely sexy about a good guy who goes bad. Not necessairly criminal bad, but you know, slightly bad. :)

  5. Jen, too funny and yes, I'm right there with you on picking the edgy, unshaven guy over the clean cut one every time.

    Trish, I really need to read Lara Adrian's books. I keep hearing wonderful things about them but sadly I haven't gotten around to them yet.

    Elke, my husband is the same way. A strong alpha male,indeed. I too have found my man is getting somewhat more 'easy going' as the years go by. It's intriguing since I'm not sure what to expect all the time. :)

    Kasey, LMAO! Definitely no serial killers or stalkers. Some how the thought of a Ted Bundy type guy just sends the wrong shivers through me too.

    Have a great day, ladies.

    HUGS :)

  6. I avoided bad boys like the plague when I was younger. Too much baggage, but then I met my husband, and the minute people warned me away, I couldn't stop falling for him.

    It's almost like the forbidden fruit syndrome. "I really shouldn't. Maybe a little taste won't hurt." Before you know it, you're hooked.

    By the way, my hubby-so not a bad boy after all. He's all alpha, but softens in a split second with a little affection.

  7. Elke,

    Gosh, I just LOVE Clayton...there are no words to express how floored I was when I first read Whitney My Love.

    OMG, JD, you haven't read any Lara Adrian books???? Oh honey, you have got to go pick up Lucan's book, the first book in the BREED series and when you get to TEGAN's book (#3) you have got to let me know what you think. :)

  8. All this talk about Whitney, My Love makes me want to pull it off the shelf and reread it!

  9. Trish,

    Thanks, girl! I definitely will do. :)

  10. There's nothing better than a damaged, bad boy that turns good...but not too good. J.R. Ward's Zsadist from Lover Awakened is my favorite of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. Can't you just picture that tortured beast while the lovely Bella is trying to tame him? Yum!

    Jenn, I remember you saying that you made your hubby grow his beard before your wedding. I normally like the clean shaven look, but with facial hair like a nicely, trimmed goatee and mustache. After we watched Iron Man, I begged my hubby to trim his beard like Robert Downey Jr's. God, that man was hot in that movie!

  11. I agree Lori. My man has a goatee and I love it. He's even grown his hair longer from his normally close cropped look. Now he's got these thick, wavy locks that I love sifting my fingers through. Too bad he doesn't live with me right now during the week. Can't you tell how much I look forward to Friday? LOL
    I think there's a little of the bad boy in all good boys, and that goes for girls too. I don't really believe in the bad boy. Behind every bad boy there's a wounded child needing someone to understand. However, some guys are just manipulative jerks, and they can't be saved. So, we write about ones we can save! LOL

  12. Oh, and great post, JD! And I love the clean shaven or the scruffy. Depends on who it is. My cousin is dating this hottie and the first time I met him, his face was smooth. On thanksgiving, he had a bit of the scruff thing going. Both were pleasing to the eye! She's got herself quite a catch! LOL

  13. Lori, I love JR Ward's BDB Series. I actually thought about Zsadist when I wrote this post. Oh and of course, Vishous. He is one twisted soul but I likey a lot! :)

    Kellie, LMAO! You crack me up. I hope Friday gets here real soon for you...heehee. And yay for your cousin. Her fella sounds like a real looker. My husband is usually clean shaven during his work week but when he's off...LOOK OUT!! He's definitely sporting a sexy scruf and rub....PURRRR. :)

  14. How could I POSSIBLY FORGET about Zhadist??? Hmmm...might have to do a re-read now. Did I even mention ARCHERON????? I must be lacking a few cells with my BAD BOY memory selection.