Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bigger is Better!

Hello Angels! I want to discuss size today. When it comes to men, does size really matter? Is bigger really all that better? Well ladies, speaking from experience, I've had one not so big, and one at the other end of the spectrum, and in my opinion, bigger is definitely better.

You see, as woman who's somewhat on the tall side at 5'7", I prefer tall men. What's that? Of course I'm talking about a man's height. What did you think I was talking about? Shame . . . shame . . . get your minds out of the gutter and pay attention, girls.

You see, my first hubby was a small man with an even smaller sense of fidelity. So, I dropped his unfaithful ass, and found myself a real man. A big ole man, a little under 6'3", with a big heart, that I could look up to in more ways than one. On December 3rd, Michael and I will celebrate 16 years of a marriage I haven't regretted for one minute. I think my hubby's large size and big heart are the reason I'm drawn to big men.

I love music - especially country music - and I often use the music as inspiration for my writing. I have several male country artists that I find unbelievably attractive because of their size as well as their voices. Who can resist the deep, sultry bass of Josh Turner, the resonating tones of Trace Adkins, and the sexiness of Blake Shelton and Keith Anderson.

So feast your eyes on my delectable collection of massive, male talent...every one of them well over 6' tall,and chock a block full of sexiness and talent.

Keith Anderson

Trace Adkins

Josh Turner

Blake Shelton

Chris Young

Toby Keith

James Otto


  1. I agree, I am 5'6" and I am drawn to tall men too! I am also a huge country music fan and love the pics! I have always though Blake Shelton is so cute with those blue eyes and Josh Turner with that deep voice! His voice sent shivers down my spine when I heard it for the first time. :)

  2. My oh my, Lori! Those are some great choices there. I love a tall man myself. I'm 5'2" and I love the thought of a big man towering over me. Unfortunately, my man is a short man...ahem...only 5'6" but you definitely can't help who the heart falls for and I fell hard for him.

    Anyway, Trace Adkins and Josh Turner are definitely high on my list with their big statures and deep voices.

    Yeah, Kasey, I get tingling all over as well.

    Great post, Lori, and big thanks for the pics.


  3. Wow! Yes, size matters. I'm 5'10 so I HAD to find myself a big boy;) I couldn't stand the thought of wearing flats the rest of my life -- love my heels too much!
    The pics are great! I'm a country music fan too! In fact my husband kind of reminds me of a dark-haired Toby.
    Thanks for the great post!

  4. My first boyfriend was short like I was. He was a hockey player and as an athlete, he knew how hard I trained to be good as a gymnast. But he was short. He barely made it over five feet, and while I know he's now happily married to a woman taller than he is, I was always self-conscious when I went out with him. Two short people are always considered younger when they're out together. Okay - so I was shallow when I was sixteen. He kind of turned out to be a jerk anyway - let's just say he got what he wanted and I got the boot - so, when I met my new boyfriend, he was a lot different! He's now my hubby, and he's six one. (Sorry tall ladies, I'm one of those annoying, short bitches who took a tall guy away from all of you! LOL)

    Not that I needed a man to tower over me or take care of me, but I love his height. When he hugs me, I'm surrounded, and I agree with Lori - he's got a big heart to go with the size. I love it when I look up into his face and he looks down into my eyes. I feel like I'm living my own romance.
    The joke in our family is that I married size to add height to my family tree! LOL For me, the guy doesn't have to be a giant, but at least six inches taller than me is a must. I got a whole foot and then some. tee-hee...

  5. Bigger is better! I'm 5'8" and in heels, miles higher. I've always been self-conscious about it and although I've dated shorter men, I prefer them taller. The hubbie is 5'11" and believe me those 3 inches do make a difference. :-)

  6. Elke - isn't that funny how we are all self-conscious about something. Being short, I always envied taller people, wondering what it would be like to see the world from their point of view. I bet you never get mistaken for your daughter's sister! LOL I try to make up for my lack of height with my huge, overbearing personality!

    BTW - this was a great post Lori, and I loved the pictures. Sorry I didn't say it before:)

  7. Kellie girl, what are we going to DO with you? Taking a big, ole boy like that when a five and a half footer would have worked just as well for you! LMAO! I'm so glad you ladies approve of the post - I just regret that I couldn't find shots of them in their boxers or briefs like Jen's post last week.

    Miss you gals...sure do treasure my Ass Cheek Angels! Mmmwwaaa! Big kisses...

  8. Well, I must say that I was able to snag Mike and Lori's not so short son! And I'm a tall one too!

    I like this post, very interesting and of course I LOVE all the pics up above!

    Good job Lori!

    Oh, and I was VERY self conscious of my height when my growth spurt hit during my senior year of high school. It was hard as hell being tall and flat as a board on both sides, but I'm doing much better in that department now!!!


  9. Trish - could you pass some of that my way then? I'm still waiting for my growth spurt!

    And Lori - sure a five and a half footer would have done just fine, but like you said - bigger is better! Why go halfway when you can go the whole nine yards? LOL

  10. Congrats, Lori on 16 years of marriage. My hubby and I are working on 15.

    Turns out, we are pre-genetically wired to want a tall man (associated with power and protection), and my man was disappointed to hear that until I reminded him he still had four inches on me, which makes him tall in my estimation (I'm 5'5"). So, here's to tall(er) men!

  11. So, Sherry, I guess I needed a really tall man to make up for my short stature. LOL We just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to all of us who have found someone and are striving to make the fairy tale a reality. And to those of you who haven't found your prince yet - keep your eyes and heart open. The next frog who leaps in your path may be a prince in disguise. (you may need to clean him up a bit, tho...)