Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dancers Can Be Theraputic

Watching 'Sexy' Males Leads to Better Chicks, Study Says

Love that headline.

Oh, all right. In the interests of fair disclosure, it's from an article in the July 29 National Geographic about "mating success of the Houbara bustard, a sandy-colored desert bird found throughout parts of northern Africa and Asia."
The French study (oh, those French !) found that female birds that watched male birds dance were stimulated and produced healthier chicks. What's this 'dance' like?

The male birds run around in circles and throw back their heads.

The actions of the males sound familiar, hummm? Running in circles with their heads in the air to show off?

No, I'm not really taking digs at our luscious other halves. Well, perhaps a tiny one. :>

Even if we females are not in the chick-producing mode, sexy dancing men can still lead to stimulation--and other things. To get our positive energy flowing, here's a glance at some sexy dancers, part of the Chippendales. I really don't know why they're standing in the water in that first picture, but who cares, right?

The one with long blond hair is Kevin Cornell. Check out his website for more pix of him and the others.


  1. Barbara, what a yummy post! And usually whatever the natural world finds exciting or arousing is the same for the human world.

    But watching Chippendales is always as excuse to look at stunning men! Thanks for the pics!


  2. Barb, you minx!!!
    I was only able to stop the cascade of drool by chanting the mantra, "They're all gay... they're all gay..."
    Personally, I liked the dude in the pool with the tattoo. Probably also gay, but in my head he'd make an exception for me.


    p.s. Don't you just love a man in a tuxedo?

  3. Holy pecs, Batman! That last pic ........Yum-me. Yes, me;) For me. All me. OK, OK. I'll share. LOL Doesn't this make you want to hop a plane to Las Vegas to take in a "show"?

    Hugs, Angels!!

  4. Holy Crow, Barb! You out did yourself. You naughty, naughty girl. :)

    YUMMY! The tattoo guy, or Kevin, or any of them for that matter. I'm w/ Cecily, in my head, they'd all turn for me...hey, a girl can dream. Dream big I say!

    And hell yeah, a road trip is calling us to VEGAS! That's where we can have our conference! BINGO! You know what they say.."What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"....heehee. Although, I'd be really tempted to sneak those guys back home and convince hubby that they're part of the Merry Maids house cleaning service.

    JD :)

  5. Oh, Barb...this certainly brightened my day. Considerably. Immeasurably. And that last pic? Talk about a teaser! I will be back here often this week... Great post!

    Cecily - I love a man in a tuxedo, or out of a tuxedo, or half in a tuxedo...doesn't matter really. At my beck and call...LOL

    JD - the other day, I was thinking that Vegas would be a perfect place for our conference. Great minds think alike, yeah? Let's make this happen!

  6. I thought we were trying to keep this psuedo conference cheap?? I doubt I would be able to stop any Angels from dropping too many dollars in g-strings!! :)


  7. YOWZA Barb!

    That last one was a doozie...I'm suddenly in the mood for a "nap".

    LOL, you're so funny Cecily.

  8. One word--WOW! Dance, stud, dance! All in the name of healthy chick-a-dees.

  9. Elke - I know what you mean! Hubby's home for an extra night, and I was going to leave the light on, but now, maybe the dark would be better and I can use my imagination! ;) LOL

  10. Hey Angels,

    Vegas would be a hoot for our 'covention.' But one of us would have to be the designated bail-or. (Did anyone see The Hangover? SO funny.)

    And, yes, Cecily, I fear I often think that too about the luscious hunks we feature. But, hey, we write fiction, right? :)

  11. Barb - I did see The Hangover and I thought it was hilarious! I'll be the designated bail-or. I can be obnoxious with or without alcohol and I'll make sure none of our Angels go missing! (Wow - is it too early for so many exclamations??)

  12. The Hangover is one of my favorite movies. Did you know they are making a sequel. I think it is going to be in Amsterdam.

    Barb, great post. I was in Vegas in March and we were going to go to Thunder Down Under, but ended up somewhere else instead. I think we got more than we bargined for! :)

  13. Oh hell, I haven't had time to check the site all week and just look how I've been depriving myself. Barb, girlfriend you have truly outdone yourself this time. When I saw the pic of the last guy, I couldn't help thinking about the old Disney film Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I see the bedknob...where's the broomstick? Behind that sheet????
    You always make me laugh out loud, Cecily. And God, I hate that you're probably right...what a waste!
    Love you gals,