Friday, November 5, 2010

Striving for Excellence

Since my first few books deal with elite athletes, specifically of the gymnastics variety, I thought I would post my choice of inspirational athletes. These people inspire me on so many levels. Physically, I know the amount of hard work it takes to get a body looking like this. For a time, I aspired to achieve this state of bodily perfection. I was, after all, an elite athlete myself once upon a time, long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away... For a time after I got married and had kids, I maintained my pursuit of physical perfection only to finally realize that I just didn't have that drive anymore. Exercise is a part of my daily routine, but I gave up the dream of having a dream body. Why? Because I'm striving for excellence in other areas of my life, namely, my marriage, raising my kids, and my writing career.

So, why am I posting about these individuals? For me, it's not just about the outer package, it's what's on the inside, too. Although their bodies may be a work of art, it is their pursuit of excellence in their chosen arenas that amaze me. It is their dedication that I admire. It is their positive outlook on life that I want to emulate. The state of their physical bodies is a by-product of their pursuit of excellence. One of them, I'm privileged to know on a personal level. So, without further ado, may I make introductions...

Dara Torres: At age 41, she was the oldest female Olympic swimmer ever. In her career, she's won 12 Olympic medals and 4 gold. In the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics, she won silver in the 50m free style. And besides those amazing arms, her greatest accomplishment - being a mom while doing it.

Kyle Shewfelt - Canadian Olympic gymnast and all around cutie who won gold for his floor routine at the 2004 Olympic Summer games in Athens. I met him once when he attended an event in Manitoba. Okay, so spandex doesn't do much for anybody, but along with that sculpted physique, he's got cute curls that couldn't be shown in the second photo. The second is when he's waiting to receive his gold medal.

Sidney Crosby - born in Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada.

You Americans may have him in the NHL, but we Canadians get him back for the Olympics to win Gold! He was the Pittsburgh Penguins first draft pick back in 2005 when the team won the special lottery draft. He was 18 at the time. From what I understand he's an all around nice guy, and he's Canadian, so I had to post him. And what woman doesn't like a man who can handle his stick?

Kary Odiatu - co-author of "The Miracle of Health", motivational speaker, certified fitness trainer, Pro fitness athlete, Fitness Universe winner, mother of 3 and long-time friend. Kary and I go way back - she hired me once upon a time to coach for her, then I became her boss, and eventually we moved on to other phases of our lives. Kary continually amazes me with her high energy, positive attitude and commitment to fitness and health. Her and her husband were the first people to encourage me to publish my work.

Blaine Wilson... Oops! Sorry - I was wiping drool off my chin before it hit the keyboard. I had to post this man. He is perfection personified from his sculpted physique, the bit of scruff on his face, right on down to his very lickable tattoo. But I digress - Mr. Wilson won 5 consecutive national titles in his 22 yr. gymnastics career. He just missed the bronze medal at the 1999 World Gymnastics Championships by .001. My gymnasts and I used to drool over him back in the day, and from what I gather, these days he books speaking engagements. His fee: $5000-10,000. I'm thinking of taking out a loan, but I'm not sure his wife would appreciate me booking him for a private event. ;)

If I had time and space, I'd post 10 other photos - those of my fellow Ass Cheek Angels. You ladies amaze me daily with your humor, your drive for excellence both in your writing careers and daily lives, and with the gift of your friendship. To think that back in July, I was looking for a party to go to so I could stay awake to make my early flight home. On that fateful night, the Ass Cheek Angels was born and I got so much more than a good time. My life is truly blessed. Mwah!


  1. I want the Canadian guy. How much does HE charge for a, whatsitcalled, "speaking engagement"?
    Perhaps he could show me how to handle that stick...

  2. Wow, Kellie, your friends are like....famous!LOL Really good post - I like the message of never giving up (at least that's my take on it).
    And then at the end you made me cry. I'm so very
    glad to have met all of my Angels.
    Hugs, ladies!

  3. Cecily - the hockey player? He plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins so maybe you can catch a game if he comes to town. You should google photos of him - he's got some of a little scruff and his hair is longer. One word - YUMMY!

    Jenn - sorry to make you cry this morning! And I can only claim to know Kary. The rest I don't know personally, but I have such a crush on Mr. Wilson. *sigh* I'd love to meet him and get a big bone-crushing hug! Well, a girl's gotta have dreams...

  4. LOL, Cecily! I couldn't agree with you more.

    Kellie, you gotta hook a girl up! ;-)

  5. Aww...Kellie! That was a big SHA moment! I love you guys too! And I didn't even WANT to go to that party b/c I knew we were leaving early! But I'm so very glad that you all and Lori talked me into it. :) Now we all have each other to lean on in our writing/personal lives...


    Oh, and the guy with the tat is hot!

  6. First, you awed me with Dara Torres. She so rocks! I can see why you included her with your list.

    Then, I fell over my keyboard after I slipped from the drool build up...GEEEZ...could you give a gal some warning?

    Finally, I wiped away moisture from my eyes and blew my nose to high heavens...I love you, gal! You move me...and I don't mean in an inappropriate way. But seriously, all of our lives will never be the same from that one fateful night in Orlando. BTW, you and the other angels inspire me all the time too.

    Thanks Kellie for another awesome post.


    JD :)

  7. Kellie, Kellie, Kellie! Dara Torres is awesome and inspirational. The hockey guy is yummy, but that lickable tattoo wins hands down for me, honey. Ass we say down here in south Louisiana...Kee-yaw!!

    I keep thinking how we could have very easily not met up that night...what a loss that would have been for all of us. Now we all have places to visit in the future! Love you gals, and love the post Kellie. Hope things are better on your end.

  8. Ooops...I meant to say As we say down here, but ass it turns out, considering that we're all ASS angels, I guess it's fitting. Ass a matter of fact, I propose that we all use the word ASS instead of AS. It could be our little thing.

  9. Kellie, that was a great post. Ass a matter of fact (see Lori, I used it!), I agree with you all. That Mr. Wilson is hot. I say we hiring him for our next get together...he could be a "keynote speaker."

    I am so glad that I meet all of you at that party too. It was a lot of fun and I hope we get to do it again soon.

  10. I like your idea, Kasey - ass a matter of fact, it would only cost each Angel roughly a grand each to hire Mr. Wilson to speak for us, or rather not speak, as it were.... I'm sure he could provide all of us with enough "inspiration" to last us the rest of our writing careers.

    JD - I'm inspired by those who just never give up no matter what. The only one stopping us from achieving our dreams is ourselves. If I made you smile, drool, and cry all in one post, then think what one of my novels could do! LOL

    Trish - it's amazing at how one simple act (like attending a party) can change your life!

  11. Lori - things are better on my end. I never let anything get me down for long. I am in charge of my own happy ending. Glad you like Blaine as much as I do!

  12. Elke - if only I could hook myself up! LOL There was one individual who I wanted to post about, but he couldn't get me his pic in time, so I'm going to do a post on my site about him soon. He's a cutie!

  13. Ass I sit here dreaming about the kind of drool issues we'd have at an Ass Cheek Angels hosted conference (featuring Blaine Wilson), I am moved to mention how much I, too, love being a part of this group. Each one of you inspires me daily and I am ridiculously happy you all managed to drag yourselves to that hotel room so many months ago.
    Awesome post, Kellie! And hugs to you all, Angels!

  14. Ahem...Kellie...I'm sure what you MEANT to say was that I like Blaine ass much ass you do. Practice makes perfect, girls. And I'm so excited to see you, Kasey, and Cecily getting into the spirit of things!

  15. Yes, Lori - that's exactly what I meant! LOL

    Cecily - if we had a conference with Mr. Wilson, I'm sure I would need a bib! That's if you could pry me off his arm, and keep me from staring all googly-eyed at him... And I think I speak for all us that we are all ridiculously happy that you invited us up to share that sweet suite you and Elke had at the dolphin. ;)

  16. You gals are ass awesome ass a group of gals can be. Thanks for a very...ahem...inspiring post, Kellie. I added a few of the pictures to my keeper file, for characterization, of course.

    I often think back to that night and how much fun it was. I don't have girls' nights unless they are with my 12 and 5 year old, so it was truly an experience I'll never forget.

  17. Thanks, Sherry :) I don't often have girls nights either, but with our blogging every week, I feel like I've got a virtual get-together weekly! LOL