Saturday, April 30, 2011

So I'm a hopeless romantic.......shoot me!

Yes, of course I'm talking about the Royal Wedding, who hasn't been for the past week? The preparations, the ring, the historical church, the famed city, the princes that have grown up before our very eyes, the sentimentality of their mother, the royal family itself, and the commoner.......wait, the commoner? Of course, Kate, the commoner, the one woman who has changed her life with the acceptance of marriage to her prince.

The fact of Kate being a commoner, and her and William's love story, only adds to the enticing quality of this tale. The woman that was normal, now isn't, and never will be again, but do you think that her loss of privacy will matter? Probably not, not since she married a man she has known for over 8 years, so she knows and has known for a while now, exactly what she was getting herself into. But even with basically NO knowledge of how to handle the press, I must say that she handled herself beautifully, and has always, since she has stepped out with her man.

What is the draw of all of this? What pulls in almost everyone to this story? What caused thousands upon thousands of people to cry, cheer and watch with tears in their eyes as this couple got married?

I believe it is because we all know we have witnessed a true Fairy Tale this past week.

A commoner, a plain, unassuming young woman somehow snagged the attention and love of a prince, and she said yes.

And, we all remember those tow-headed little boys, especially William, when we were growing up alongside of them. And we also remember the pain, the heartbreak when their mother passed. We all watched how they had to man up and take control of their future.

Now William has manned up and taken his wife, a beautiful, regal, and sympathetic woman who shows great promise in becoming another memorable princess, and duchess.

I watched Friday night (via DVR) this beautiful ceremony. I watched Kate, regally resplendant in her Grace Kelly inspired dress, as she greeted her handsome husband to be down the aisle. I watched William as he told her she was beautiful and then bit his lip, just like his mother used to do when she was nervous. I watched the royal sucession of vehicles back to the Palace. And then that kiss.......then another.

I watched and my heart felt heavy and full.......and happy.

Now to get us all teary eyed, I'm going to post this so that you can all read how beautiful it is.....

Five months ago, when Prince William announced to the world that he'd given Kate Middleton a ring, he made it clear that only one other woman mattered as much to him.

It's my mother's engagement ring." He told the press of the sapphire and diamond heirloom. "Obviously she's not going to be around for the fun and excitement of it all---this was my way of keeping her close to everything."

Nine days ago, while the rest of the world was fixated on their upcoming nuptiuals, Will and Kate took a boat ride to his mother's final resting place. The couple spent a quiet day at Lady Di's remote burial spot, and walking the grounds of the nearby arberetom where they had planted trees beside their mother as boys. "It was very important for William and Kate to visit his mum before the wedding day," a royal insider told a reporter for the mirror. "Diana is still a huge part of her boy's day to day life, and always will be." This was particularly true today, as William bit his lip nervously, standing at the altar with his bride, just as his mother did on her wedding day. It was a reminder of the millions who've watched the prince become a man, he's still his mother's son.

And what this all boils down to is this........

It is all about LOVE. Love is what Di gave to her sons. Love is what her sons had for her. Now Love is apparent in the Royal family again.

And it couldn't be more beautiful.



  1. Trish, I stayed up to watch part of it. I finally went to bed half way through the ceremony (after all the sun was coming up here).

    It was beautiful and I watched the balcony scene and some other highlights I missed yesterday after I finally woke up.

    I have to say though, I was a little sad though. I am only a year older than Prince William and he was one of my high school crushes. I am a little sad now that he is off the market. After all, a girl could dream when he was still single, right?

  2. Ah, sigh. SOOOOO romantic.

    Kasey, don't worry. I'm sure there's an available duke or viscount somewhere just waiting to be snapped up.

    And Trish, thanks for the post. You're right, the wedding was beautiful. I made my children speak in a fake British accent while we watched the highlights, then taught them the words to God Save the Queen. Not sure how that'll go over in pre-school.

    Mmm, spring is in the air-- a time for blossoming love... and allergies. Hope the love outweighs the allergies.

    (Hey, random question. How many of y'all will I see at RWA Nationals this year? Party in me and Elke's room???)

    Love y'all,

  3. Trish, I couldn't stay up, but I've seen it since then, of course. Loved the dress, loved the sister's dress. Loved the kiss-es, loved the fact that they've done it their way since the beginning. I think William pretty much told his dad and the queen, "You want to see a successful royal marriage? You'll get one, but you need to back the hell off! You can tell how at ease they are with each other...something that, in my opinion, was missing with Di and Charles. Kate is a confident, beautiful woman, fully capable of not just following in her mother in law's footsteps...but forging ahead into her own path and future as a true royal of England.

    Great post, Trish!

    Cecily...nope...can't swing RWA in New York. Too `spensive for me. I know y'all will be the perfect representatives for our prestigious group of Angels!


  4. LOL, Cecily to making your kids speak with the accent and teaching them the song! At least they will have memories always of that day! Just like we did when DI got married.

    Kasey, I know, I had a crush too, even though he was a bit younger than me! :)

    Yeah, I won't be able to go either, like Lori said, way too expensive for little ole me. But I'm sure you all will let everyone know about us angels!


  5. Cecily, thanks. I'll keep my eye out for one. Although, there are probably not to many running around Minnesota!

    I won't be going to NYC either. Since I am doing the Germany seminar this summer, I can't afford to do both. For those of you going, I hope you have a blast and you will have to fill us all in on what we all missed!

  6. We got the day off. Ah, the benefits of being a British colony.

    Cecily, I know that song quite well, but I've never done it in a fake accent. :-)

    Sorry you'll miss the party in our room ladies, but we'll have a toast to you.

    Great post, Trish.

  7. Please raise a couple of glasses for me, too.

    I saw parts of the wedding later in the day, then watched a good deal of it on BBC even later--Very interesting. I truly hope the couple is happy and the marriage is successful. They deserve it.

    Heck, I'm such a romantic,too, I think everyone deserves it!! If not now--then soon:)

    Very nice post, Trish.

  8. Great post! Yes, I watched most of it -- and caught the highlight reels several times. I clearly remember watching Princess Diana marry Charles when I was a teenager. And I continued to follow Diana through her horrible marriage . . .I'll never forget the announcement of her death. I watched her funeral too. So it seemed only fitting to watch Wills get married -- with the hope in my heart that this marriage will be happy. And by the looks of things, I believe it will be!!

    Not going to RWA this year. Way too expensive for me. So represent the Angels, ladies! And have a few drinks for us :)

  9. I did not get up to watch it although we saw highlights, and pics later. I do remember getting up to with my Mom to watch Di and Charles get married. I hope Kate and William have learned from other's mistakes and have their happy ever after. They do seem like a couple most suited to each other. And yes, growing up with them, watching them mature into young men has been a delight. I'll never forget Di's death either - we were at the cottage and when the paper was delivered it was front page news! We couldn't believe it was real. A sad day for all mankind when that happened.

    This royal marriage affirms my belief "keep dreaming, keep believing..." I wish them well.

    I won't be able to attend Nationals either angels. I hope whoever does attend has a rockin' time and tell us all about it. Miss you all and hope we can get together soon!

  10. Kasey - you might meet a duke or viscount when you visit Germany this summer! LOL You never know ;)

  11. Wonderful post, Trish! I so loved the memories of Lady Di. I missed William and Kate's wedding with all the weather and power problems here but I did see some photos. She was absolutely beautiful which I didn't doubt for one moment and he was dashing as always. I truly believe they will last since they started out as friends and their relationship has matured over the past eight years. Thanks for sharing another 'fairy tale becomes reality' post with us.

    I'm sorry to say that I won't be going to NRWA this year. A little too costly for me this time around. Ya'll have a blast and celebrate for all us absent Angels though.

    JD :)

  12. LOL, Kellie! That would be nice!