Friday, May 13, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I'd like to say some dastardly villain plotted to keep me from posting on my week for the ACA blog, but that just isn't the case.  I just got off-kilter, plain and simple.  Once I figured it out though, I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about.

My last post was about the tortured hero, but today's post is about the other guy.  The guy we love to hate.  You know--the villain.  Turns out, the villain has to be as rounded as the hero, but bad--bad to the bone.  Even if the audience doesn't know why he's as rotten as he is, as the writer, it's important to have a reason for his bad behavior.  A great resource that covers character traits for both good and bad characters is The Writer's Guide to Character Traits by Linda Edelstein.

Let me clarify, I'm not talking about "bad boys."  We love those guys, and being the amazing heroine's we are, with enough looovve, we can reform "bad boys."  But, the villain, well, he's just plain nasty.

Yet, that doesn't mean the villain has to be bad looking.  Sometimes, the villain is too sexy, and women can get drawn in before they realize the danger.  Usually though, our heroine gets an inkling that something's not quite right and maybe it's the crazed look in his eye or the way he tries to control every little thing, she usually figures out he's a villain.

Here are a few of my most memorable, handsome villains:
Zachary Quinto Pictures, Images and Photos

What other villains do you love to hate?

Happy Writing!



  1. Oh,Cherie! Sylar and Gastaun are great villians. One of my other favorites is Julian McMahon. He played a demon in the series Charmed. He's incredible sexy and gave the appearance of the good guy, and made you want to believe he was, even though behind closed dimensions he was bad.

  2. Okay, I hate to be the first one to admit that I knew the cartoon character before that yummy Zachary guy. Don't know him, but will look him up. I love in own spoiled pretty boy, my Tanner Collins. He's nasty...rotten and raised to believe anyone not in his prestigious circle is trash...white or otherwise. A product of his parents' snobbish ways. Is he truly redeemable...or will he always have a streak of high class nastiness?
    Ahhh...can't wait to write that one.

    Good post Sherry/Cherie

    Luv my Angels!


  3. Oh the we love to hate them and sometimes secretly lust after them. Great post, Cherie! I love all the villians you picked.

    Elke, Julian was one yummy villian as well. He was ultimate evil but oh so sexy. He's the type of guy who'd stab you in the back as he bent you over for a little 'spank' time.

    Lori, I so look forward to reading about Mr. Tanner Collins. Keep us posted on this bad boy.

    One villian that popped into my head was the infamous oil tycoon, JR Ewing. He was so bad; yet, he always seduced these beautiful women into doing his 'evil' plots and sometimes ruining their own reputations. However, some kept coming back for more of his seduction games.

    Again, wonderful post, Cherie!

    JD :)

  4. I have always loved Alan Rickman as a villain, especially as Severus Snape and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

    Although, Richard Armitage makes a great Guy of Gisbourne in the recent Robin Hood television series on the BBC. However, he plays a good guy in the BBC North and South and that is equally as wonderful. Plus he is going to be in The Hobbit!

    Speaking of villains, Captain Jack Sparrow does have his villain-like qualities. He normally does the right thing, but at times he doesn't. But, I love him anyway. Anyone else looking forward to the 4th Pirates movie with Mr. Johnny Depp?

  5. I like all the guys you've mentioned! I recently found a new villian to like, LOKI from THOR. Not only is he handsome, with his black hair and blue eyes, but he is a trickster and cunning, you never know what he might do...and if anyone stayed after the credits of THOR then you saw that LOKI is not done just yet...... :)!

    And LORI, Tanner is so worthy of his own story, get to work honey!! :)


  6. As I was writing this post, both Alan Rickman and Johnny Depp came to mind. They both make great villains.

    Lori, your Tanner sounds like one bad dude with sex appeal.

    JR Ewing is a classic example of the villain about whom you were never quite sure until the other shoe dropped and his true colors were shown.

    Trish, so true about Loki. I saw this movie last weekend with the hubby and kids. He is exactly what I was thinking of with this post.

    Thanks, ladies.

  7. I went and saw The Priest in the movie theatre on Friday. I can't remember the villain's name but HOLY HOTNESS!!!! It was a pleasure to see him come on the screen :D

    Great post Cherie and as always you ladies have great picks!

  8. UMMM, could have sworn I'd already shared my fav villain here. It's Richard Armitage, who played Sir Guy in the BBC series Robin Hood. MUCH yummier than RH AND he was tortured, haunted by his evil deeds, sincerely in love w/ Marian who spurns him for RH, even when Guy tries to do good. But the story line won't allow it--although he does redeem himself in the final episode.

    Yes, I know, TMI for sure, but hero or villain, he's a dandy.

  9. KELLIE,

    The villian of PRIEST is KARL URBAN, if it was the guy with the black hat then that is him!!! And you are so right about him!! You all definitely need to watch PATHFINDER if you liked his turn in PRIEST.


  10. Jeeze, I love Karl Urban. He played Bones, Dr. McCoy, as a young man, in the Star Trek pre-quel. He was so nice to look at in Pathfinder. LOVE Alan Rickman and Guy Armitage as the nasty, but memorable, sheriff of Nottingham.

    I'm watching Oprah, on Ralph Lauren's ranch. 46 years with the same the life he wants to live in Colorado. Love his un-pretentious. That idea of heaven.

  11. Lori,

    I'm watching it too! I actually got goose bumps when the camera spanned out showing the landscape. Definitely heaven. I'm there w/ ya, sweetie. *big sigh*