Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Official: Sex Is Healthful

I heard some interesting news lately. Sex is good for us. No, really. It actually has positive effects in a variety of life’s areas. Checking out the info online, I came across verification in a WEBMD article “10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex.” Below is a link if you’d like to read all the delightful details. Here is a brief listing of those benefits.

1. It Eases Stress
The article says sex can lower blood pressure and reduce stress overall.

2. It Increases Immunity
Studies show those who have sex at least once weekly may produce more “of an antibody called immunoglobulin…which can protect you from getting colds and other infections.” Spoiler alert: The article says the increased level does not apply if we have sex more than twice weekly. Bummer.

3. It Burns Calories (One of my favorites)
A half hour of sex accounts for nearly 100 calories (85 + the article reports.) Come on girls--only 30 minutes? What’s the rush?

4. It Aids Cardiovascular Health

Heard that sex could cause a stroke when we’re older? Not so, says at least one study. It also says sex reduces the “risk of fatal heart attack by half.” One problem with this study is, it targeted men, only. Oh, well. It’s good news for our significant others, right? BTW, when are these studies going to focus on women, I’d like to know?

5. It Helps Self-Esteem

6. It Improves Intimacy
According to the article, sex accounts for high numbers of ‘the so-called love hormone,” (oxytocin) “which help us bond and build trust.”

7. It Reduces Pain
So ladies, we can forget the old “Not tonight dear, I have a headache.” Now it’s, “Come here dear, I have a headache.”

8. It Lessens Prostate Cancer Risk
This is another bit of good news for the men in our lives.

9. It Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles
Actually if we do a few Kegel exercises, that should help ‘before.’

10. It Helps Us Sleep Better

No surprise there, right? Although after a brief nap, we can sometimes feel more energized.

Now all this made me think. More and more recent studies show sex is healthful. If it’s healthful and can actually reduce or prevent some illnesses, would a physician prescribe such activities?

Can you imagine a whole new category of healthcare workers that might spring up in the next decade? I wonder if these workers, like some current life aide helpers, might perform duties in the home? Would their services be covered by health insurance, like various preventive measures are now covered?

And if we’re prescribed such preventive measures, can we order up our ‘medicine’ from a company’s portfolio? Blond hair or brown? Beard or no? Ah, well. The speculation is all in fun. Of course.

But it might make an amusing story.


  1. Great post, Barb! I can't believe they didn't include women in the study but maybe next time. Oh, I love the idea of having a doctor prescribe a certain 'activity' or even better a potent stud to ease what ails ya.

    I can see it now...all the doctor offices filled with women claiming to have migraines and needing a Jack Hughman, Jimmy Thomas, or Brad Pitt type to 'heal' them. Yep, I'd be first in line.

    JD :)

  2. Oh, yes in deed...where do I sign up? LOL
    Fun post, Barb! Thanks :)

  3. I wish my doctor would prescribe that activity! LOL But in all seriousness - I have heard of most of these benefits to sex, especially the one about the headache. I 2nd what JD said - now where's my prescription??

    Great post Barb!

  4. Great post, Barb. Fun and educational! Love it!

  5. I need to post this on the wall of my husband office while he's working late at night...hint hint honey. It's good for your health. :-)

    Fun post, Barb!!

  6. Great post!

    Sex is an awesome healer. ;)


  7. Orgasm is good for your skin. Mine has never been better!
    great post and thanks!

  8. Wow, how very interesting!

    And just for future references, along with JD, I would like a HUGH JACKMAN also!

  9. I don't know, Trish...I thought Jack Hughman (Human?) had an original ring to it. We all knew exactly who she was talking about, right J.D. ?
    Barb, this is a fantastic post, and if I wasn't so busy with a full time job that pays, a second one that doesn't (yet), and a parcel of grandkids, I might just find the time. But then, WHO says you have to have sex to have the big O? That's what FUN PARTIES are for, right? LOL!