Monday, July 25, 2011


When I hear the word muse, I think of painters with naked models spread before them. But what about writers, can we have muses? Damn straight! Without them, we would struggle with that next chapter, or getting our characters to reveal their deepest darkest secrets.

Some writers use music to unlock their creative juices or a special writing space, while others need a special author’s work: poetry or a favorite story. Others need all of those things and more.

I used to snub my nose at writing for less than two hours at a time. I needed time to create, but it turned out to be a poor excuse. With practice, I learned to write in fifteen and thirty minutes before  rushing to work. Below are muses I use to get my creativity flowing before I sit down to write so I'm off and running when my fingers hit the keyboard: 

Music: It drowns out the non-writing thoughts that try to invade my writing time and creates a mind mood for the scenes I’m writing.

Characters: I get them talking before I writing their next scene.

Story: I brainstorm the scene I plan to write or the story as a whole, whether it’s flushing out a scene I’ve written or one that I’m struggling with. I ask what if’s and why’s before I start to write.

There are many muses, the trick is to find what will help you get past your writer’s block, get a closed mouth character to spill their guts or help you find the solution to the problems in your story.

So ladies, what muses help you get past those humps in your work, other than photos of half naked men? (Although those helps too). 


  1. Hot pictures of my heros or heroines get me going. I also take some time to get into the scene in my head before sitting down. Music also is a good one for me, especially a particular song that matches the scene or evokes the emotion for me that I'm trying to get during that scene.
    Sometimes I need quiet which is something I don't get regularly! My kiddos sometimes remark that I'm crabby when I'm on the computer! LOL

    Most of the time, I need to review something over and over in my head until i get it right. Great post Elke!

  2. Music does help sometimes, but I think getting the scene started in my head before I ever start to write helps the most. If I go to sleep imagining where the next scene will go -- or perhaps what I want to change in the scene I just wrote -- it really helps me.
    Great post, Elke!

  3. Great topic, Elke! Like all of you have mentioned, music helps me as well especially with a fight or love scene. People can do it too. It can be anyone; such as the local guy who rescues his neighbor from a burning house or the teenager who raises thousands of dollars for charity. I like to imagine different scenarios for them and create a variety of outcomes. And sure a hottie just adds more to the creative juices. LOL!

    Wonderful post, Elke!

    JD :)

  4. Thought-provoking topic, Elke. Although I love music, I have to be careful while I'm writing or I get caught up in the story of the music and not the writing. Like most of you, I try to get the scene laid out in my head before I begin. Hero Pics? Nice, ummhumm.:)

    Good Post!

  5. Pretty much like what everyone else said, music of course gets everything working really well.

    If I'm stuck on something, I also try to read a particular part of a fav book that I know will get me going. Like if I'm stuck on a conversation scene, I'll go grab a book where the h/h have had a great conversation (like the chess scene in Whitney my love). If I'm stuck on a love scene, I'll go grab something that has that same smokin' scene I'm trying to write. :)

    Other than that, I absolutely have to be alone. Can't write with distractions.


  6. Good subject and a great post, Elke. It's definitely music for me. I'll zero in on particular songs for a particular character in a manuscript I'm working on. I actually make a soundtrack CD and listen to it on the way to work in the morning and back that afternoon. It's a 30 minute drive one way, so the entire time I'm listening and driving I'm creating or recreating scenes in my head and thinking how to make them better. And since I've got my inspirational actors pics for all my guy characters, it's pretty easy to choreograph the scenes in my mind. Oh is definitely my muse.
    Wonderful post, Elke!

  7. Looks like we all have very similar muses.Great minds think alike. :-)

    I'm all about find/keeping pictures of my characters both h/h, especially the hero.

    Thanks for sharing your muses with me!

  8. Here here, to the music thing! Wish my iTunes had a repeat button... Does it?
    And the daydreaming about them before I write. Sometimes characters take on their own life and I have no idea what's coming next... but more often not. More often I have to see the scene in my head before I write it. Then I can sit down for 15 or 30 minutes, and end up being late to wherever I thought I needed to be ("Ooo, just let me finish this paragraph!" Sound familiar?)
    Great post, Elke!