Monday, January 30, 2012

Building the Perfect Hero!

Welcome to the laboratory!
Today I want to talk about building the perfect, hero. I saw the topic addressed on a friend's blog where she took votes, body part by body part! ;)
Seems we women have varied tastes when it comes to men.......a good thing or else you'd all be knocking on my door, chasing my hubby! LOL

Anyway, let start with something easy - something we can all agree on.
The Perfect Hero has to be Truthful, have Honor, be Loyal, a Hard Worker ( in whatever chosen profession), Kind, Sensitive to the Heroine's feelings, have Stamina in the bedroom......... What else???

Now comes the fun part!
Tall, Dark and Handsome?

Or Short, Blond and Handsome?
Long Hair, perfect for running your fingers through?

Or short hair, also perfect for running your fingers through ?
Facial Hair?
Or Clean Shaven?
Some Ink?
Or not?
Hairy Chest?
Or Smooth Abs?
And what about the Eyes?
 Or Green?

So let's hear it, ladies!!! Describe your Perfect Man! :)


  1. The perfect man is your blue-eyed example. End of story. He even comes with an accent built-in. :D

    When I sit down to write, I trawl Google images to find inspiration for my characters and save them into OneNote. If I didn't have that new reference I wrote a new hero, they'd ALL end up looking like Gerry. *wistful sigh*

    1. EACH TIME I wrote a new hero. Sheesh. I need more coffee. Yes, even at this hour.

  2. Holy Moly, I had no coherent toughts after looking at those yummy specimins, Jenn.

    But I tend to agree with Noelle with all my heroes looking the same :) I have a couple of 'Template' heroes. One is tall, very dark hair, more aquiline features and luscious; the other is tall, medium brown hair, stronger features, and luscious. If I don't find another photo to id w/, my leads will end up resembling one of those two.

    With either one, a tiny bit of facial hair doesn't matter. Actually, it's all in the attitude.

    He must be in shape, of course...but swinging a broadsword around most of the morning in traning will assure that.LOL

    Loved the post, Jenn! Made me sigh--and smile.

  3. Give me a minute to wipe the drool from my mouth. :-) I'm with you, Noelle. He's is SO sexy.

    My heroes used to be all the same. Tall, dark and handsome with dark blue or green eyes. I started mixing things up and changing the hair color to red (I have a thing for red heads.) and blond along with changing the body type from muscular to lean.

    I tear out pages from magazines and download images, however they usually end up being secondary characters. My heroes are pretty adament about what they want to look like and don't let me change much.

  4. Oh WOW.......Gerry all the way! Not much to change there. BTW--as an aside--did you ladies see YAHOO the other day? They showed a pic of Gerry's New York Kitchen.....and Barb, it was medieval in nature, just should look it up.

    But, Alex does it for me too...and the ink is nice!


    PS---speaking of Gerry, have you all seen Dear Frankie?? **SIGH**

  5. I agree, Gerry or Alex are definite winners! I am not picky on hair color, chest hair and some of that other stuff. I do admit though, that I am more drawn to blue or green eyes though. I must like that recessive gene. :)

    Trish...That is on my Netflix list. Maybe I should move it up. :)

  6. Yep, holy moly is right, Barb. Great post, Jenn! I really enjoyed all the visuals. I tend to lean towards the dark hair and mysterious male when I'm visualizing my heroes. An accent is a plus for sure and a lean build instead of the muscular one. Yet, I do Google images to help me with 'building the perfect hero'. It's fun to make him a red head with blue eyes, or a shaved head with tatts galore. No matter what he looks like though, he definitely has to have one badass attitude.

    Oh, Johnny Depp is a must for me. Love him. Could stare at him all day.

  7. uh, what was the question? Can't remember as my brain is now filled with mancandy, LOL hmm...perfect man - well right now Jason O'Mara is on the top of my list. Right now I'm on this kick with men who are blue or green eyed. Don't know why but Paul Walker or Bradley Cooper spring to mind!

    But for real - as long as they treat me like a princess then I can overlook a little chest hair ;) but no back hair. maybe 1 or two but that's it.

  8. All of the above. Thanks for making my day.

  9. There is one organ that is most important to me when I create a hero. Yes, I want him to be good looking but every physical combination can be attractive. What organ? Don't worry, not X-rated. The most important organ in my hero is his heart. That has to be bigger than anything for him to be perfect.

  10. Oh my...what lovely scenery you have, Jenn! Okay, most of you know from some of my previous posts that I like my men Trace Adkins, Jeremy Shockey, Keith Anderson six and a half foot or so big. Short hair, long hair, shaved hair...matters not. Eyes, as long as their smile reaches them, but I guess I prefer blue. There's something about a man with dark hair and blue eyes (Jake Owen...yum). I like my men with hair on their chest - and Jen, that model you got for that pic is oh, so luscious. Tats...they're okay, I guess. Never had a man with any so I don't know how I'd take it. Facial hair...I once asked my hubby if he'd trim his goatee to look like Robert Downey, Jr's in Iron Man...he didn't appreciate that at all. *snort* ideal man would be Trace Adkins body, with Jake Owen's face, but wearing a neatly trimmed goatee like RD in Iron Man. I'd love to see Jake with neatly trimmed hair like beefcake number four above. And a cowboy hat...definitely a cowboy hat. Oh, and he'd better look damned good in a pair of old faded blue jeans. And Jennifer, your going to have to post a picture of your husband, dammit, so I can SEE how good you have it at home! *grin*

    1. I must have been having a senior moment when I said Jake had dark hair and blue eyes...I meant to say my hero in Last First Kiss, JACKSON! He's the one with the dark hair and lovely blue eyes. But Jake's chocolate brown eyes are awfully nice, too! Yummy!

  11. LOL - Lori! I'll do that. He picks on himself b/c his hair is more gray than black now, but I honestly still see him as I did 20 yrs. ago. Yes, I married when I was 10. *grin* And he has hazel eyes, but I couldn't find a good hazel eyed man for example. (I know......shoulda used my hubby's pic)
    Hugs, ladies!