Friday, January 13, 2012

Noelle's Winner!

Hey guys! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my very first ACA post. So, the idea was to choose which of my three items was the lie, so here are the answers:

1. All my life, my parents were road trippers. They loved them. I slept or read through most of them. At age 8 or so, we went cross-country, from Florida to Wisconsin, through the Black Hills of the Dakotas, down to Vegas, to California, and then back to Florida, stopping at every major landmark in our path. A few road trips to New York covered the East Coast. *grin* When I was 14, my grandmother took me to Europe to see family in Hungary, and we flew through Germany, as well as stopping a couple of days in Austria. Then, for my honeymoon, my new husband and I went to Italy by way of France. I love to travel, as a result. (TRUE)
2. At one point, I spoke fluent Spanish and semi-fluent French. Thanks to my jaunt in Italy, I could also do a passable Italian. Sadly, that vocabulary left me years ago. I do, however, speak fluent Hungarian, and English, of course. The Russian was thrown in for shits and giggles. (FALSE)
3. Oh, baby. The six men who saw me in my birthday suit were all firemen, and I was in my house. Yup. It's the makings of a sitcom. Or bad porn. Except I wasn't interested in any type of sex at that moment, and I might have even considered a lifetime of celibacy. On that day, the likelihood of such a thought occurring to me was 1000:1 odds. Pregnancy--especially being IN labor--does that to you. You see, I lived an hour from the hospital, and my water broke, so I wasn't sure I was going to make it there on my own. It didn't help that my husband worked 45 minutes in the opposite direction. My neighbor called an ambulance, and apparently they thought it would be a good idea to bring the ENTIRE fire department with them. (I guess I was pretty hot, huh?). Once at the hospital, things moved so fast they stamped my chart with the wrong name, which was Katie Holmes. It wasn't the Mrs. Tom Cruise Katie Holmes, though. Of that I'm sure. The nurse was busy fixing my chart while I was doing the pushing thing. Five and a half hours after I went into labor, I was holding my baby girl (affectionately known as Thing 1) in my arms. I seriously can't make this kind of shit up. (TRUE)

Of the six of you who correctly guessed #2, the winner of a copy of Dancing in the Dark: An Anthology of Erotica is...

(drum roll)

Congratulations! I'll email you later today to find out what format you'd like. No one shared their outrageous stories (c'mon, I can't be the only one!), so there was no winner for A Kiss at Midnight.

Thanks, everyone, for being so awesome and welcoming. I hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. I won??? I'm so excited! I love the firemen and the entire story is priceless. Thanks Noelle...I cannot wait to meet you for real!

  2. I don't have any outlandish stories since I met my second husband. I have a few from my first marriage to the crazy ex husband but they arnen't for public consumption. I had to clean up my first book so my kids wouldn't be too embarrassed. LOL! I'll save those for when I meet you in person.
    Thanks again,

  3. Aw hell! I forgot to tell you that I'd love a signed copy of your book. I'm a collector, and I'll get to pass it around and get you more fans. I'll email you my address.