Monday, January 9, 2012

Sympathy for the Devil

Wow! I'm so happy to be here!* We're only in the second week of January so far, and it's already shaping up to be a fantastic year. I had the privilege of meeting a few of the Angels at the Georgia Romance Writers' conference in 2011 and what a fabulous group of women. But then, you probably already know that. *grin* I'm honored to be counted among them.

To explain the post title - all I could think of when I tried to come up with one was the Rolling Stones song by that name. As it says, "Please allow me to introduce myself..." Bonus points if you got the reference before I said anything. :D

Right, so, y'all don't know me. Yet. I don't want to just do a litany of "About Me stuff", because, really, what fun is that? Instead, I thought I'd play a game. It's called Two Truths and a Lie. Two of the next three paragraphs will be true. See if you can figure out which one is not. As an added incentive, I'm going to be giving away two free books (one with a short story of mine in it, and one by Eloisa James!). 

  1. Traveling is a favorite pastime of mine, and I love visiting other places. I've seen many of the major attractions of the United States, and I've been to five European countries.

  1. All that traveling has allowed me to perfect my language skills. Including English, I speak six languages fluently: English, Hungarian, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian.

  1. The day my daughter was born, six men (not doctors) saw me naked, the hospital staff mistook me for Katie Holmes, and I labored for less than six hours.

So which of these are true, and which is the lie? All correct guesses will be placed in a drawing for a free copy of Dancing in the Dark: An Erotica Anthology (available in either digital or print). Winner will be randomly selected by on Thursday, January 12, midnight EST.

What is your most outlandish (true) story? My favorite answer will win a print copy of Eloisa James' A Kiss at Midnight

Don’t forget to leave your email address in your comment so we can notify you if you won! Winners will also be announced on Friday, January 13.

*Fair warning: I really am excited enough to use exclamation points on a regular basis. I will not apologize for it. 

Find out more about me at:

And because I also love music, here's a video for the song in the post title.


  1. I can't even play because I know this! LOL Great post and we're glad to have you here as an Angel :)

  2. Fun post! I'm guessing #2 is the lie.
    Love it! Emery/Victoria

  3. #2 seems to be the most obvious, and therefore I think I will pick #3, lol. We'll see if I'm right!

  4. Ok,#2 and #3 got taken already, so I'll go with #1.

    And now I have that song stuck in my head....

    I look forward to more cheekiness from you Noelle!

  5. Great blog! Congrats on your debut, Noelle. And yes, I totally got the reference. "Sympathy for the Devil" is my fave Rolling Stones song.

    I'm pretty sure #1 is true, but I can't tell about the others. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say #3 is the lie because I know how smart you are, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if you spoke 6 languages. :-)

  6. Hi Noelle -
    FUN first post! Welcome to our "cheeky" little group;)

  7. Thanks for coming by, guys! I can't seem to respond individually, so I'll group them all into one comment.

    @Kellie, you could still share an outrageous story with us. :D

    @Victoria/Emery - thanks for commenting! I actually had trouble coming up with a lie that fit in with my truths. Haha

    @Jasmine - we'll find out on Friday. ;)

    @Pam - It's a good song to have stuck in one's head. I wish it would get stuck in mine. I've been singing It Girl all day. Sigh.

    @Kendall - re: the song - great minds, lady! As far as how smart I am? My clever ploy is working. Muhahaha!

    @Jennifer - I am very fond of cheekiness. And sauciness. This is the perfect group for me!

  8. I'm going to say #3 is the lie....just guessin cause I don't know you well enough yet!! :)

    Awesome post!


  9. Hey Noelle...what a gutsy first blog! I like that. :)
    I'm going to go with number 2 as the lie. I can totally see you speaking the romantic lanuages...Frence, Italian, and Spanish...they are so close. I have a hard time with the Hungarian and Russian. I'm thinking the six men who saw you naked was a video of you giving birth??? Hey, no judging here! LOL!

    I love the Stones and SFTD.

    Great post, newbie!

  10. I'm going with #2 as well. When you're in hospital giving birth, they all swear that only the most critical staff will be in and out of your room. This turns out to mean: Doctors, nurses, nursing aids, wandering medical students and residents, the person who takes your order if you're lucky enough to get a meal, the picture people who take your baby's picture, a minister of your religious denomination, a minister of every other religious denomination (in case you wrote down the wrong one), janitors, window cleaners, groundskeepers, and some guy looking for the TV lounge.

    So yeah, I could totally see 6 fellows seeing you naked while giving birth. And that's not even counting the people you actually invited! :)

    Love the blog name, by the way! :)

  11. Thanks, Trish!

    Lori & Athena - you'll find out on Friday, when I'll reveal all. ;)

  12. Gerry - only ONE of them is a lie. :P

  13. Awesome post, Noelle. How fun is a guessing game? I think you're pretty talented, but my guess for the lie is #2. That's an awful lot of languages for someone to be fluent in, but I'm sure if anyone could, it would be you.

    Great to have you here.

  14. Hey Noelle, Welcome!!! Glad you're here. Rousing post, too. Can't wait for Friday to get all the answers.

  15. I'm going to guess #2 is a lie, too. #3 falls under the category of "I can't make this sh*t up." That and my MIL walked in on me while they were giving me stitches. *groan*

  16. I am not unknown! What is up with you, Google, I'm Sally. I have a blog with you...and an e-mail account I don't particularly care for!

  17. #1 and #2 are consistent. 5 European countries + US corresponds to 6 languages.

    The lie therefore has to be #3. It must have been a TV reality show for that to be true. LOL
    Though I bet it was a beautiful baby. *smile*

    Outlandish story:
    After proposing to Mrs Q in London, we went on to the opera (Traviata) and then strolled to Trafalgar square. While watching the fountains, we were overcome by passionate feelings and kissed by the wall below the national gallery. The sky then became filled with banana skins, dropped from the high wall above us. We ignored them and continued while the skins continued to fall. As we eventually separated, a loud cheer rang out from the gathering spectators. We didn't care though!

    1. Q, that's awesome! Where've you been, anyway? I haven't seen you in ages!