Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Hottie Winners

Ahem, drum roll please. And the winners of the first annual Halloween Hotties contest are:

Favorite Villain: Alan Rickman

Favorite Vampire: Alex O'Loughlin

Favorite Werewolf: Joe Manganiello

Favorite Pirates: Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom (yes, we have a tie)

Favorite Zombie Slayer: Simon Pegg

Favorite Scary Film Franchise: Nightmare on Elm Street

Favorite Fantasy Film Franchise: A three-way tie between Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars!

Thank you to all those who voted! I hope you all have a very fun and scary Halloween!


  1. All my favorites! Except for Nightmare on Elm Street :P

  2. Sorry I didn 't get my vote in on time. I'd have broken the tie and given Depp the title. I ain't into zombies or the slayers, and I've only seen one episode of the walking dead, so I'd have to pick him.
    As for the last one, hmmm....don't know if I can choose between HP and Twilight. Both my faves.