Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oops...Is My Optimism Showing?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  Come closer.  A little closer.  *Hmmph* Okay, too close. 

All kidding aside, I love where I am in life right now.  I feel very blessed, and I can't help it if it shows at times.  Yet, I'm a humble person.  My mother taught me to be thankful for what I have been given, work hard, and keep striving.  Don't get me wrong.  I don't want anyone to think I've got it all figured out--far from it, but I'm just fine with my place right now.

The reason I bring it up is recently a couple authors have expressed some concern about where they are in their careers and in life.  One was hesitant to even try publication because she wasn't sure how to handle any fame-big or little-that might come her way if she were ever published.  The other seemed to be seriously pissed off at the publishing community and was flouting her disregard for agents and editors on her blog, no doubt gaining a little notoriety.

I sooo am not judging.  The more I research, the more I believe there are several routes to publication...or not.  I'm not sure that one version of publication is more succesful than any other unless you hit it big like Nora Roberts or H P Mallory, and publication is not a necessity if your goal is simply to write because you love it.  Whether you choose to go mainstream, indie, or not publish at all, works out in the end.  As long as you're satisfied with your choices, it doesn't matter what I or anyone else thinks.

With that in mind, I'm happy with where my career is right now.  I've published a short story with an e-press, and I don't mind entering the occasional contest.  I'm not rushing to submit to agents or editors, but I will never rule that out as an option.  I've begun a short story I have in mind specifically for self-pubbing, and I'm learning to market myself through trial and error and the kind advice of other writers.

So, though I keep my ear to the ground for news on the state of publishing today, I'm not panicked, embittered, or even decided, for that matter.  Right now, I'm cautiously optimistic and taking it one manuscript at a time.

How about you?  Are you throwing your hat in one particular ring?  Are you keeping your publishing options open?  Are you happy where you are?

Happy Writing!

Cherie Marks

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  1. Great post, Cherie. Very timely. Personally I think putting our writerly eggs in several baskets is a good idea. I have one novel out with a small press and I'm working on edits for a novella to self-pub. I don't see myself going after an agent b/c that's just not me, but never say never;)

  2. At this point, I'm not going after an agent. That doesn't mean I won't at some point, but I'm happy with what I'm doing. Three ebooks out with 3 different publishers is giving me some options. I like who I'm working with and I think that by starting this way, I'm doing what is best for me and what I can handle at this time. I like where I am and wouldn't change it right now.

  3. I'm fine where I am right now, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't welcome a three book contract with a big name publisher. Boo yah! As you know, I've recently self-published and I'm just beginning to delve into the marketing end of it. No, I haven't sold a million books yet but I'm not worried because there's no hurry. But I'm always learning and I'm always changing. I've decided I want to start my own publishing company. So, even though I'm happy where I am, I'd be even happier to be able to walk away from my job as a drafter and write full time.

    Great post, as usual, Cherie. Oh by the way...I loved your book! I'll review it soon.

  4. Wow Lori! You've got some big plans! Congrats :)