Tuesday, October 11, 2011


As a writer it can be challenging to keep up with blogging, facebook,and twitter just to name a few. Not to mention following your favorite writers, friends, family and their blogs and posts. Although enjoyable, and in some cases necessary, it can take away from the thing we love most, writing.

This was a big challenge for me when editing my book to send to an editor who requested it. I decided tunnel vision was the best option and for a while it was, however I discovered some hard truths.
  • Editing can be draining both emotionally and creatively
  • You miss out on what's happening with friends and family
  • Your creative well isn't renewed with just editing
Besides, if I wanted to write for a living I was going to have to juggle a lot more balls than I already was. So I pulled up my boot straps and got back in the game. I dusted off my weekly schedule that helped me cram in everything important, added a new item or two, and put it back to work.

I found I missed blogging, and all forms of cyber communication more than I realized. Especially the interaction, and not just the scroll through and quick likes during my morning bathroom routine, but dedicated time to reading and leaving comments (when blogger would allow me). Most importantly, I missed the wonderful people.

So tell me angels, what do you do to get back on track or stay there all the time?


  1. Oh, I soooo get this, right now. I think it's hard to find a good balance between the creative side and the practical side of writing.

    Lately, I've sacrificed the creative writing to all the promotional stuff going on, and I'm pouring all my creativity into blogposts. I'm not complaining, I promise, because I wouldn't trade it for anything, but it is fact that I've only gotten to write for about three hours in the past week and a half, and that will not a story complete (at least for me).

    I think in a perfect world, there would be a balance, but we don't live in a perfect world. So, honestly, I get it most of it done by losing sleep.

    I don't recommend lack of sleep, but it works. I've gotten quite a bit done, but it's not something I can sustain much past this week.

    I think another thing you have to do is give yourself permission to take a day off. I don't slow down for much, but every once in a while, I just go to the bookstore, grab a coffee and a good book, and just vegetate. When I get back in front of the computer, I'm re-energized and ready to go again.

    Very appropriate post!

  2. I am horrible about staying on track. Between teaching and looking at blogs, facebook, four e-mail accounts and Netflix I honestly don't get that much writing done. I am, however, trying to get a lot of little things caught up, because I plan on participating in November's write a novel month (whatever it is called, I can never remember). I think I need that month goal to try to work on it.

    If anyone is interested we should figure out a way to keep track of how m much we write each day or something and then heckle each other if we don't do much. I need someone to keep me in line. :)

    Cherie, good luck with all the promotional stuff!

    Elke, what a great post and so very true!

  3. Kasey, it's called NaNoWri for short or National Novel Writing month. I'm participating too. I'm using it to start writing my next book. I'm excited and blogging like crazy this month to get into practice. Good idea about making ourselves accountable, Kasey. You could post on your blog or facebook page how many words you plan to write a day, and track/post your progress or join every single writing challenge out there. :-)

    You have been busy, Cherie, but as you said in a good way. Great point about giving yourself a break. So important.

  4. I have definitely put myself on a schedule. Promoting 3 releases within a month wasn't something I planned on when I first started. But it's been fun, if hectic. ok - a lot hectic! To get back into writing, I made a work schedule - and in that schedule, I put in time to eat and time to exercise. I find that when I'm busy, I those are things I tell myself I'll do later, but later never comes! I remind myself that I do the best I can with everything and sometimes social media has to take a back burner, or commenting on blogs will have to wait if I have something more pressing to attend to. And that's all we can do really - prioritize and do the best we can!
    Great post, Elke!

  5. If I knew how to stay on track, I'd tell you! LOL
    Very good post, BTW. For me it's easy to push aside the "me" stuff - including writing - to take care of my family. But then I get angry at myself. :( So I've started grabbing a few minutes during the afternoon for editing/plotting and then staying up late to have some quiet writing time. Not a perfect answer since, as someone else said, losing sleep isn't good, but you do what you gotta do.....

  6. Obviously, my loaded down email account is a sign of just how well I'm staying on track. Sheesh...I know social networking is free advertising, but it's getting seriously crazy. I barely tweet, though I'm making the effort more lately. I don't stay on FB all night, just try to visit once a day or so. This is about the only blogging I do. Nanowrimo?? Definitely not...I've got too many irons in the fire now. Besides, I wrote six books in four years...I don't need motivation, I just need the time! Great post, Elke and I'll watch for the answer.