Sunday, October 2, 2011

We all have it, that certain 'something' that pulls our attention to a story. It could be a word, phrase, the snap of awareness we feel when we read the first paragraph, and we know-we just know-that this is going to be one hell of a book.

Is it the setting? 

Do you feel a rush when you know that the book will be historical? The tangy smell of a peat fire roasting a fresh kill, the soft feel of a tartan kilt under the hands of a maid that has been taken hostage by some ruffian highlander, or even the briny air that sinks into your nose as your hero's carriage rumbles to the stop of a well planned sea side  lover's tryst.

Is it a sigh of bliss when you notice a new contemporary by your favorite author? The once nerdy boy next door is now all grown up and looking for love. The rough and tumble bad boy is now the new sheriff and the good girl is setting her sites on him. Or could it be the heroine with a shady/hurtful past has sworn off men, but didn't see the impact that the hero will have on her future.

Is it the sexual tension?

Do your fingertips tingle when your heroine stands toe to toe with your hero-knowing that his control is hanging on by one fine little thread......and she's about to make him snap? Is it the attraction you can't ignore between two people, and they're doing a better job of ignoring it than you are? Or what about the one smoldering kiss they've indulged in, when you know they'd love nothing better than to tackle each other and let the fire blaze out of control.

Is it the zest for a love that will last forever?

We all want to believe that our 'one' love is out there. This world we live in is harsh and distinctly hard on all lovers. But that is what makes the romance industry THE top published industry in the world. It proves that even while we can't stand our government, the gas prices are ridiculous, and those bills just won't go can find escapism within the pages of a romance novel. There is a way to get away........and it doesn't cost you and arm and a leg to do so.......all it takes is your imagination!

So even if you can't determine the 'why's' or the 'reasons' for why you love certain romances....we can all agree that for one short span of time we have smiled, laughed, cried and loved.....whether it be the rugged highlander, the earl that we met in a crowded ballroom or the sheriff that once made our mother try to lock us away. For one moment we lived in those worlds.

Happy reading!


  1. Trish, what a great post!

    There are a lot of various factors that determine whether a book grabs my attention. It might be the use of humor, witty dialogue, or the chemistry between the characters. Sometimes it also just relates to my mood and what kind of book I am in the mood for. :)

  2. Great post, Trish! Absolutely - this is why I love to read and write romance - to escape into a world where love conquers all!

  3. Thanks ladies! I think its interesting to find out what everyone's little kinks are, and how different we all are when we choose what books to read/enjoy!


  4. Trish, great post! So much to love about books. I think the pace and the tension keep me turning pages, but honestly, I rarely meet a book I don't like something about.

  5. Thanks Cherie! There are even those certain somethings that we can't put a name to.


  6. Ah dialogue, quirky characters, sexual tension...and a story you can't get out of your head. Love a good book...whether it's written or read.
    Great post, Trish.