Monday, August 16, 2010

De-stressing with a Butler

Last week I knew stress. I knew a lot of stress. I knew that tears were not going to erase my stress or cause a knight to swoop in and save me. So, I struck my thinker pose and thought, "What will help me with my stress?" Of course, I knew all of the easy answers: wine, chocolate, shopping. (I tried all three and they did work to some extent.) Their affect just didn't last long enough.

My husband suggested sex as a means of handling the stress. Did God create even one man who doesn't believe sex cures all ailments? If he did, I haven't met him.

None-the-less, his cure led me to strike my thoughtful pose once again and ponder the question, "What do I find sexy in a man when I'm stressed?"

I decided a man with butler tendencies is what I would find sexy under extreme stress. You know a man who has dinner ready when you get home. Who does the laundry, sweeps and mops the floor. Meets you at the door with your favorite drink. You get the picture - right?

So, I went on a hunt for a sexy butler. Boy, did I find what I was looking for. I hope you enjoy him as much as I did.

Gerard Butler

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Some fun facts I discovered about my butler via an article written by Pinar Tarhan and published on Fact Oidz are:

1. Gerard Butler was born in 1969, Paisley, Scotland.

2. He has both Irish and Scottish heritage.

3. He stands at 6′ 2" (1.88 m).

4. He is a trained lawyer.

5. He was an active and a successful student.

6. He used to sing in a rock band.

7. He didn’t have any singing training before landing the lead role in The Phantom of The Opera.

8. He got kicked out of his job as a trainee lawyer due to the fact that he showed up hungover during the big music/theater festival in Scotland.

9. He took a year off from studying and came to the States. He got arrested often because of drunken fights.

10. He hated wearing suits and having to be in the office.

11. He got his first acting gig at the age of 25.

12. He is famous for being extremely sincere on his interviews and he doesn’t making talking about his humiliating moments to entertain the audience.

(This man is a prime candidate for my next written hero.)

Lisa Wells


  1. You nailed it on the head, Lisa. I also find it extremely sexy when my man helps out with the household chores. It definitely makes the sex issue even more appealing, not that I don't find it that way now...ahem...anyway great job with the blog.

    Thanks for sharing all the nice tidbits about Gerard Butler. I never knew all that about him. He's definitely my kind of man. I love a rebel and bad boy but don't we all to some degree.

    Now if I can only get my husband to talk with a Irish/Scottish accent and grow another few inches...heehee. :)

  2. J D - that's so funny! Lisa, when I'm stressed I need a hug, and I'm glad my DH comes through on that. I've come to believe/understand through personal experience that sex is a great stress reliever for men and women. Through some research I discovered that the old line "Not tonight, I've got a headache" doesn't hold water because a good round of mattress gymnastics relieves headaches. OOPS! Should I not have let the cat out of the bag? I had post-partem depression for 2 years, so I did a lot of research on it and there's a very important "happy" hormone that can be released in our brains in various ways.
    Having said that, the only way I can "get in the mood" when I'm stressed is when I get a hug and a cuddle and a few words of "it's going to be okay".
    On another note - I married a neat freak so when I get home from a trip and my house is spotless, well, let's just say that it's a great welcome home!

  3. Great blog Lisa! (I accidentally published my comment when I went to preview it. LOL)

  4. Absolutely agree, Lisa. Nothing sexier than a man who helps out --If he's thoughtful in that way, he'll likely have your wants and needs in mind otherwise.

    Looking forward to your next 'Gerard' hero.

  5. Ohhh...hello! Love me some Gerard Butler. I have to admit I haven't seen him in Phantom of the Opera but I've seen everything else. Trish told me about the movie "Dear Frankie"'s one of my favorites. Of course, I could fantasize all night long about him wearing very little except for those six pack abs and growling, "WE...ARE...SPARTANS!" And yeah, if he wants to slap on an apron so he doesn't burn aforementioned abs on a hot pot) and cook my supper, as well as clean up afterward, well then, hell yeah, sign me up for butler service!
    My hubby is living proof that a man with dishpan hands is sexy as hell. He's also pretty clean and a good cook. I've got it made..and I know it. :D

    Excellent blog, Lisa. I admire your taste in inspirational material.

  6. Kellie, were you able to open the Adobe file I sent you???

  7. Great post, Lisa!! LOVE de Butler;) And if you girls haven't seen his sexy backside in "Law Abiding Citizen" then you're missing, oh, sorry, my mind was wandering. LOL Anyway, to me a man with an accent is just extra sexy. Do you guys agree?

    As for a husband who cleans? Sorry. At my house that is just urban myth. :( Wonder if Jake Owen knows how to sweep and mop? LOL

  8. Gerald Butler, is on my top 5 list of HOT men. The first time I saw him was in a miniseries about Atila the Hun. He played an AWESOME Atila. I watched it thinking who is this talented, sexy guy? I was hooked from that moment on. Haven't seen him in Law Abiding Citizen (didn't like the thought of him being a bad guy), but sounds like I need to take a peek.

    I hear ya Jen, husbands cleaning is a myth at my house too. Lucky for my husband, he makes up for in the other ways. :-)

    Great post Lisa.

  9. Mr. Butler is so HOT. Like Jennifer said, men with accents are sexy. I am a complete sucker for an accent.

  10. Well, then I've got a living legend in my house because my DH cleans and cooks. He's not great with laundry because he just shoves everything in the machine but as long as he doesn't shrink my clothes then I'll put up with it! Now if only I could get him to stop travelling then I'd be in paradise! LOL

    And I love a sexy accent, most notably Scottish. Have any of you ever read any of Donna Kauffman's books? THE GREAT SCOT was excellent. Check her out - she's on facebook, too.

    Lori I haven't checked my email yet. I'll do it tomorrow.

    Love you ladies!

  11. Great post! I need a Butler just like that. Do you thing the hubby would mind? Probably not if all the housework actually got done, and I was always in a good mood from the show.

  12. Lisa, awesome post! Lori will tell you all about my mad crush on Gerry...and even if you aren't a fan of muscials you should get over it and watch POTO...such an amazing show!

    Gerry has been my inspiration for years now, every since Dracula 2000, Attila the HUN, Tomb Raider 2 and TIMELINE. Really good shows, not academy award winners but who cares?? Oh, and Dear Frankie, can't forget that one!

    I have read DONNA KAUFFMAN, she is an awesome writer...and a HOT one too!

    Chat soon!

  13. I became a big fan of him when I first saw him in P.S. I Love You a few years ago. Last night, I finally saw The Bounty Hunter. I wasn't sure how I was going to like the movie, but I liked it a lot. Partly because Gerry was in it. It was just a fun movie, but I could watch almost anything with him in it.

  14. I'm currently reading Donna's 2nd in the Black Sheep series. I'm so hooked on her! I, too, love Gerard Butler. I hadn't realized he was in P.S. I love you. But then again, I don't get to watch grown up movies all that much. My current place of residence is under a rock.

    Sherry - I suppose your man would only mind HOW the butler got that smile on your face!

  15. Thanks to Kellie for pointing me to this blog. I ♥ Gerard. He *is* my book's hero at the moment, which worked out because my hero is half-Scots. Yum, yum.

    My hubby has also suggested sex to de-stress, to which I reply with something I'd rather not announce in a public place. But he's not amused. :-D

  16. Welcome Selestiele! Tune in every week for new inspirations to yum up one. So far, I haven't been disappointed. I agree on the accents, ladies. Nothing sexier than a hero with a Scottish burrrr...

  17. Glad you found the blog Selestiele!