Sunday, August 22, 2010

Something Cheeky

I thought for my first turn on the blog I'd post something, well, cheeky. I've had the pleasure of viewing these fine looking buns since they first walked by me in the hallway of my high school nearly 20 years ago. Yup - that's right. That's my DH's derriere.

He's such a good sport really. When I told him that I was joining the Ass Cheek Angels, his reply was a two part question - Is there a chapter in Manitoba and is leather mandatory? BTW, ladies - he's still waiting for that thong cozy that one of you promised you'd knit for him. And what guy would willingly put his rear-end on display for the amusement of others? Well, he would, and he did it just for me.

This just goes to show that he has a sense of humour. That is something I appreciate in a man once I've finished ogling his behind. I believe my man hooked me at a party with a dirty joke involving Little Red Riding Hood being eaten by a wolf, and I wish I could remember it, but what I do recall is the way he laughed when he told it. I love to laugh and I love a man who is not afraid to put himself out there to make me laugh. Laughter may not always make things better, but it makes things bearable while you're waiting for a solution. One thing I can always count on in my life is my DH making me laugh.

The third thing I check out in a man are his eyes. My guy has soft brown eyes, the kind you can get lost in when he's giving you that tender "I love you" look. Eyes truly are the window to the soul. You know those lines we use in our romance books like "flicker of desire" or "flash of annoyance", or the one I read in Julie James' Something About You "You know the Tom and Jerry cartoon where Tom hasn't eaten for days and he imagines Jerry looking like a ham?" They aren't just words, or pretty pick up lines. Words aren't needed when you can tell everything you need to know just by looking into someone's eyes. I'm fortunate that, even after nearly 14 years of marriage and 4 kids, my DH still looks like me like I'm the tastiest steak on the menu.
And speaking of eyes, I'd like to introduce you to my eye candy crushes. First, Mr. Connor Trinneer. I fell in love with him on the bridge of the starship Enterprise. Then after only 4 seasons they had the audacity to cancel the show, reducing me to searching the net to get my fix of this tall, blonde, hunk of man.

Second - Mr. Sam Worthington. (did you hear the gushing lilt to my voice, and the dreamy sigh there at the end?) I can't say that I liked the movie Terminator Salvation all that much, but seeing him shirtless certainly didn't hurt the experience. I enjoyed his performance in Avatar, and his voice is so sexy with that accent of his slipping in from time to time. I've rented Clash of the Titans tonight just to see him in armour. (Is it bedtime for my kiddies yet?)
So, there you have it. The three things I look for in a man - a fine rear-end, nice eyes (not to mention easy on the eyes), and a sense of humour.
To my fellow Angels, it was a great experience meeting you and I look forward to more great posts from you all! Visit me at or on facebook - just type in Kellie J. Winzinowich into the search bar.


  1. Kell, your hubby is such a good sport and I distincly remember him being one when you were texting him that night! I WAS NOT one of the ones that would get him the cozy but I'm sure one of the other ladies might remember saying something like that!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sam Worthington. As of right now he is in MY HOME STATE of Louisiana filming a thriller called THE FIELDS. YUM ;) Such a cute bit of hotness he is!

    The other guy you spoke of is a hottie too! Will have to look him up.

    I believe what you said about eyes being the window to the soul, so very true. And that part in Julie James's book rang true b/c I just finished the book not long ago! Our eyes are our most expressive feature...something that writers tend to go on about when they write about 'secret glances' and 'hidden stares'. I just read a book about a month ago, will have to find it and recommend it, that had a STARE SCENE so HOT that I had to re-read it about five times, just to make sure I had caught it right the first time! Will go dig that up to share!


  2. The book was REVENGE WEARS RUBIES by RENEE BERNARD. Here is what I wrote about it on the JMBB (Judith McNaught message board)

    Okay, I have never read Renee but the blurb and the reviews where it said she was a "luscious, sinfully sexy, and erotic writer" caught me. Now I like a writer that LEADS you into a sensual story, NOT one that starts off within the first 50 pages as throwing you into a sexual scene when both you and the characters aren't ready for that.

    Ms. Renee did a WONDERFUL job at leading up to the BIG moment. Her moments between the hero and herione are simply brimming with tension and heat...and there is ONE particular scene at a musical where ONE STARE between the two characters is simply stunning...and very descriptive! I think that one moment made the whole book for me.

    But be warned that this book is VERY DESCRIPTIVE and extremely SEXUAL! But I think it was worth it to read that ONE staring scene!!

    If anyone else has read the book...and the staring scene, please share your thoughts!!


  3. Great post, Kellie!
    Your hubby is such a good sport. I do remember us giving him crap that night - but I don't know who was knitting him the thong. LOL

    My DH has beautiful eyes -- Hazel, more blue than green (usually) with gold around the iris. And they're heavy lidded, with long lashes. (Bedroom eyes, I told him when we first met.) So I can understand a man's eyes being one of the 'attractions'.

    Trish, I haven't read that book ....But I'm going to now;)

    Hugs girls!!

  4. He is such a great sport, Kellie, By the way, I am NOT kniiting him a thong cozy. Why? Well, when my grandma tried to teach me to knit when I was younger, she deamed me hopeless. So, if I attempted to knit one, well it would probably turn out to be a knotted, hot mess. :)

    I have seen both TERMINATOR SALVATION and AVATOR and loved Sam Worthington in both. Again, guys with accents! Kellie, let me know how CLASH OF THE TITANS is. I have it on my Netflix list and can't wait to watch it.

  5. Awesome blog, Kellie! Yeah your hubby is definitely a great sport. What's this about a thong cozy though?! I guess I missed out on that bit of TMI...must have taken place before I got in the mayhem. OH!!! Now I realize where our name originated from... ;)

    I totally agree about the eyes. You can tell a lot about how a man looks at you. There's nothing hotter than when your man looks at you across a crowded room and you know exactly what's on his mind and it's not the hors d'oeuvres...unless it's placing them strategically on certain parts of your body. Anyway, it's extremely primal and intoxicating when you lock gazes with a man and realize that he desires you above all others. Yeah melts my butter right off the dish.

    BTW, I love your choices of Sam Worthington and Connor Trinneer (He's the main reason I watched 'Enterprise').

    Trish, thanks for sharing the info about the book. I haven't read that one yet but look forward to it soon.

    Have a great one ladies!

  6. Love this post, Kellie...tell your DH we said thanks for the butt pose..nice job! My hubby also has a great sense of humor and it's what first attracted me to him. His eyes are a gorgeous crystal blue that I adore. And let me tell you, ladies, we dated for a very long year before we married - WHILE working in the same office. He could certainly make me WANT with one look. The best part about it was that I knew for certain that he wasn't sending those looks to anyone but ME (unlike the first dog/man I married.) Eyes are truly the window to the soul, and trust comes shining through like sunshine.
    And Kellie, I went to watch Terminator Salvation for Christian Bale, but when I got home I called Trish and said, "I don't know WHO the hell that other guy was, but he totally stole the show, and I'd sit through anything to watch him again."
    He makes me want to take him home and give him a whole body sponge bath! Yee Haw!

    Uh, Jen...I could have sworn it was YOU who offered the penis cozy thong. :D

  7. Well ladies, it looks like we're not alone. The Boot just published the Hottest Bachelors in Country Music and several of my favorites made the list.

    10. Jerrod Niemann (Lover, Lover)

    7. Keith Anderson (I Still Miss You, Pickin' Wildflowers) God, this man is HOT!

    5. Chris Young (Gettin' You Home)

    4. Jake Owen (Tell Me) We KNOW he should be higher on this least no. 2!

    3. Jimmy Wayne (I Will) He's got the most beautiful big, brown, puppy dog eyes, and a gorgeous voice.)

    And NO. 1 - drumroll please.....
    Mr. Chuck Wicks with 'Hold That Thought'
    Can I have a big AMEN!!!!
    Follow this linc to see them ALL!

  8. That is one Hot Bachelor List!

    I am excited! Netflix is sending me CLASH OF THE TITANS today, so I should have it tomorrow. I guess I will get a Sam Worthington fix this week after all!

  9. Kasey - I may not be up on my greek mythology but there was only one titan clashing with someone and it was Perseus who is a demi-god. But then I guess CLASH OF THE TITAN AND DEMI-GOD just doesn't have the same ring to it. It was a good movie and totally worth it to see SAM WORTHINGTON do battle - sexy thighs that are revealed by those skirt outfits they wore, and VERY muscled arms, sexy stubble thing going on... *fanning self* I love that guy's voice! Even my daughter said he had a great voice. (I'm surprised because she's 12 & 1/2 but then I guess a female of any age can appreciate a handsome male, or as she said, "He's not cute, Mom. He's hot." Am I in trouble or what?)

    JD - I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one watching Enterprise to see how the Chief Engineer fared. I absolutely loved that man, and if I recall his character had a great sense of humour. I love your analogies - "melts my butter right off the dish" LOL

    Lori - I seem to recall it was you that said you could knit the cozy, or was it Barb? LOL You must've looked forward to work every day when you were being courted/seduced by your DH. I wish I could see my DH more often. He's gone too much :( Even if I spent every single second with him, it would never be enough.

    Trish - thanks for the book recommendation. It sounds great! I'm glad you liked Julie's book. She's awesome.

    Jennifer - Don't hurt me, but I'd love to look into your DH's eyes - they sound so sexy! LOL I have hazel eyes, too, so I'm biased when it comes to eye colour. Hazel eyes can change colour so easily and I find it intriguing. My brother has hazel eyes, too, and his can turn this golden colour that is so neat.

  10. I have never knitted...I did crochet a couple of things, like 30 years ago but I'm pretty sure I'm out of practice. If you send me his measurements...or 'dimensions' as we say in the world of engineering...I'm sure I could get someone to WHIP something up for him. (Big grin...BIG, BIG grin!)

  11. Oh yeah in Clash of the Titans, Peseus isn't considered one of the Titans. He's just the poor Demi-God who gets stuck in the middle of the clash. All of those Gods were playing with people's lives like they were pieces on a chessboard. Good movie..I even liked the old one with Harry Hamlin, but SAM (I'm partial to that name, because that's my hubby's character's name in my semi-autobiographical manuscript "Some Day Somebody". He (Mike/Sam) was at that time, and always will be, my SOMEBODY from the Wilson Phillips song 'Hold On'. "Some day somebody's gonna make you want to turn around and say goodbye...." Ahh, sweet, sweet memories.

  12. Lori, you make me laugh! My husband is a welding inspector so he works with engineers and understands the world of 'dimensions'. Getting him to pose for a mostly anonymous photo was one thing, but sharing his 'dimensions'? Don't think he'll go for it. Maybe we could make adjustable ones? That way we could sell them and make millions if this whole writing thing doesn't pan out. LOL!

  13. An interesting back-up plan. :)

  14. Oh, I'm not going there, Kellie and Kasey...The writing thing WILL work out, for all of us, so I don't think it's necessary to have THAT kind of a back up plan!

    How's that editing coming along, Kel? I'm telling you, girlfriend, you could sell that gymnastics series. I'm not into that at ALL and I could see it happening in my mind. Your story flows nicely. HOT (and very flexible, I might add) sex scenes! :D

  15. Thanks Lori! Glad you liked my story. I just finished revising book 2 in that series, so now I've got to get working on that submission package. I'm sending you an email. And I was definitely kidding about the back up plan. I have no doubt we'll all be famous!

  16. Well, first, I offered to make the cozy for JAKE and Jake only! LOL
    And what kind of screwed up list puts him @ 4???

    And my dh eyes really are beautiful. I love hazel. As you said, Kellie, the way they change color is cool:)

    And HOT sex scenes, huh? I'll buy it;)

  17. Okay, I'm lured in by the promise of HOT sex scenes!!! LOL!! I wonder if mine are as HOT as Kellie's?? Okay Lori, you have to answer my burning question now?? LOL!! Just kidding!

    Kellie, I did offer to read your book when you asked a while back but I never received anything! You left me hanging! ;)


  18. Simmer down ladies, simmer down...
    Trish, I don't recall getting that email from you. I can still send it to you if you like. Didn't mean to leave you out. There's plenty of sex for everybody! LOL
    Jennifer - So you're the one who can make the cozies...cozy's?? how the hell do you spell that plural? Anyway, good to know I'll have at least 1 customer one day...

  19. Just to let you all know - you can read the revised 1st chapter on my site under the excerpts page and the blurbs under the completed works section. Feedback is appreciated if you wish to leave comments. There will be a few changes yet but you all know about WIP's...

    Have a great week-end everyone! Hugs to all!

  20. I'm pretty sure it's drop the y and add ies???? Kellie, I have your book printed out already, so I can give it to Trish. Trish...your sex scenes are hot, but Kellie's are...flexible...they are gymnasts...VERY flexible...Got it????
    Jen, I totally agree with you about Jake as number four...He should have at least been number two. I could accept a tie with Chuck at number one...I love them both to death. I say we make our OWN Ass Cheek Angel lists. How about it, ladies????

  21. I looked it up for you, Kel. It is definitely drop the y and add ies. So, Jen, you may make multiple cozies for different 'stages' of .... growth, shall we say? ;) (grin)

  22. Ladies, we had way too much wine that night :) Tho' I have my doubts about this cozy manufacturing business, I love that I met all of you! (Is now a good time to tell you that I can't knit?)

    And I'm totally for having our own Hottie Top 10 list! Great idea!


  23. I think we should have multiple Top Ten Lists! For example, a top country singer list, top british actor list, top bachelor list, top fictional character list, top men from Regency era films list, top....well, you get the idea. Then, at the end of the year we can pick our favorites overall.

  24. Oh, even better, Kasey! That way we don't have to limit ourselves ;)

  25. Excellent! Lists are good...lists are very good. Jenn, I guess the cozies are a no go since you can't knit. lol

  26. Kasey, that is an awesome idea! I like the idea of having many men to look at!!!

  27. Me too. Looking at men, plus I love making lists. It is a win/win for me.

  28. Like the list idea, too, Kasey ;)

  29. I'm in for the lists--sounds great. Did like to see Jerrod Niemann on that country singer list, even if he slid in at No. 10.

    Great post and conversation, BTW. And your DH is such a guy!! Give him an extra hug. Oh, heck, give him a couple or ten :)