Thursday, August 12, 2010

My men of Inspiration: Nick Ballard and James Otto

Okay, ladies...I'd like to introduce you to two men in my life. The first is Nick Ballard, my inspiration for Jackson Broussard..the MAN in my contemporary romance "Last First Kiss".

Nick is a local boy from Moss Bluff, Louisiana who's recently broken into acting. I haven't met him yet, but I hope to one day soon. Doesn't he look like a sensitive, caring, yet brilliant and sexy Civil Engineer?

The second is James Otto...all 6'5" and 255 pounds of him, whom Trish and I have met in person, as you already know if you've visited my website and seen the photos we took with him. (Incidently, he's the exact same size as Jeremy Shockey, my favorite New Orleans Saint player...can you tell I like 'em big?) James Otto is responsible for the song for which I named the book. "Last First Kiss" is a bluesy and soulful ballad about a guy who hopes he's found the love of his life, so he hopes he has just given her his very last first kiss.

As you can tell, I'm very inspired by music and men. I've got a soundtrack for every one of my books, and actors or singers picked out for every character. When I hear a character's name, I see him, hear him, know everything about his nature, his likes, wants, NEEDS. Oh yes, baby, definitely his needs! : ) (Yeah, I know what the girls look like, too, but I don't feel the need to focus on them, because I'm not gay. If I ever decide to come OUT I'll let ya'll know. LOL)

So, for now, feast your eyes on two of MY inspirations..Mr. Nick Ballard, and Mr. James Otto.

Keep blogging and writing!

Lori (Cajunflair)


  1. I can see why you love both of these gorgeous men. YUMMY! They definitely have what it takes to provide lots of inspiration for any of us gals. Thank you, Lori, for sharing them with us.

  2. Hey Lori! LOVE your post. It was definitely worth the wait ;) Thanks for sharing your yummy inspiration!

  3. Sorry it took me so long...should have known they'd have something like this blocked at the office. Imagine the state of Louisiana not wanting me to screw around on the computer during the work day...the nerve! LOL!

    Did everyone remember that it's Kellie W's birthday today???? HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLIE!!!!

  4. Yes, I told her Happy Birthday on facebook, but I will tell her Happy Birthday again here. I hope your having a good one, Kellie!

    Lori, those darn office managers stealing the fun of working on computers with all their blocks. Where my sister works, they even block her hotmail so she can't check it. Where is the trust?

  5. Wow Lori,

    Maybe I need to move to Louisiana! Nick is gorgeous! I have a weakness for men with jet black hair and dark blue eyes. SIGH! (Did I mention my husband is bald. :-)) I will have to add him to my inspiration list. HOT HOT!!

    Thanks Lori!

    Gave Kellie birthday wishes on FB.

  6. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLIE!!! since I totally haven't been online ALL weekend long!

    Lori, what a very informative and YUMMY post! I love it! And of course another HOT Louisiana man would be IAN SOMERHALDER from the Vampire Diaries that plays on CW. He is from Mandeville.

    And of course, James Otto, what a voice, another notch of inspiration for me (personally) b/c the herione in my new book focuses ALOT on the heroes voice and how it makes her feel...

    Big Hugs
    Trish aka wackycajun

  7. I agree, Trish. That guy on the vampire diaries is HOT! I love those deep, sexy voices of both J.O.'s we've mentioned on this site, Jake and James! Elke, my hubby is bald also, but he's the best, anyway. I have to agree with you, tho, there's something about black hair and blue eyes on a guy that's oh, so damn sexy. I've seen him in a Hallmark movie...hope he gets many, many more roles. Want to meet him one day.

  8. Thanks for the Birthday wishes everyone - here and on facebook! I was away all week-end so am just now seeing this post. Thanks for sharing the eye candy Lori! Definitely inspiring...In preparation for this post I googled my favorite inspirations and I came to a startling discovery - they all resemble my DH in some way! For those of you who saw this on fb sorry but it must be said again - I guess I know who my real life hero is.
    Lori now has me hooked on Chuck Wicks so instead of working, I'm on Youtube all the damn time! LOL

    I heard that Playboy is creating a site that men can access from work without getting it firewalled. We ladies need to find something like that so we don't get in trouble at work!

  9. I think it's the title of this group that rats me out at work. I can totally picture some nerdy guy at headquarters in Baton Rouge watching my online activities and telling his co-worker "Ass Cheek Angels? Who the hell does this crazy bitch think she is?" LMAO!

  10. Yeah, the blog name might not be work friendly. I guess we didn't think of that. :)