Saturday, December 3, 2011

All I Want for Christmas Giveaway #2

Hello everyone and welcome to the next two days of giveaways! Here's what I want to know: What is the worst Christmas gift you've ever received?

As a kid, I remember receiving a brown sweater. What's wrong with that you ask? Well, I didn't want to wear it because it was the color of poo and I was afraid of being teased by the kids at school. As an adult, I think the worst gift I ever received was...SOAP! (I apologize to all those little gymnasts and their parents who thought it was a good gift.) To me, soap is kind of personal, like underwear. You see, I'd never go to Victoria's Secret and purchase undies for a friend because of a thing called PERSONAL PREFERENCE! In my mind, different people like different scents so purchasing soap is kind of a crap shoot. Perhaps to the purchaser of said gift, it doesn't really matter because soap can be relatively inexpensive. But people have different skin sensitivities and some soaps can leave your skin dry and flaky if it's not the right kind for you.

Plus, if you're not purchasing those little $5 gift baskets from your local Wal-mart and going to places like The Body Shop, Lush or Bath and Body Works then you're shelling out big bucks on the hopes they'll like what you pick. I'm guilty of giving soap as a gift too (hangs head), and hoping that the smile the receiver pastes on their face is because they like it and not because it stinks! Because not all citrus scents are zestfully refreshing, some flowers should've stayed in the field, and - WHAT THE HECK IS THAT SMELL?

I really don't mean to complain. A lot of soap is packaged ever so pretty. Some of them are such vibrant colors and interesting shapes. When someone takes the time to at least remember you in a small way, it's a wonderful thing. And I have received some soap I absolutely loved. Any  I didn't like, I let my kids use, or I use it to keep my dresser drawers fresh. (Don't look at me weird - my grandma did that all the time!)

Okay - now it's your turn! What is the worst gift you've ever received? Tell us in a comment below, leave your email addy and you'll win.........not soap. LOL I've got a copy of Bridget Jones' Diary to give away and if you have that, I've got loads of other stuff you can choose from! And while you're here, please follow our blog and you can find us on twitter @AssCheekAngels  :)

Beach Love was our winner from the 1st days of giveaways! Congrats :)

Happy Holidays! Kellie Kamryn


  1. I remember growing up my EX-stepmother would go scavenge all the clearance selections at Wal-Mart. So, I recall receiving many random umbrellas, assorted socks, and scarves while her daughter received all of Toys R Us.

  2. Presents were few and far between when I was growing up so anything I got I cherished. But my friend had the worst Christmas ever last year. Her two teenage children didn't give her anything for Christmas! She was devastated and I was shocked and appalled as I've always considered her a good mother. I hope they both get coal in their stockings this year.

  3. Back in the 90s when that puffy paint cr*p was all the rage, my grandmother made everyone in the family sweatshirts. She bought these incredibly cheaply made plain sweatshirts, then glued on some design she'd cut from a piece of fabric, and topped the whole thing off with puffy paint.

    Mine was a hideous "sea green" color sweatshirt with an enormous pinkish rose outlined in sparkly gold puffy paint. It was also a size too small (thought I could still wiggle into it, unfortunately). Yes, there are pictures. No, I'm not showing them!

  4. I had learned over the years (during my first marriage0 not expect any gifts...that way disappointment wasn't obvious. But my worst Christmas gift had to be from an old boyfriend- he gave me a gift card to McDonald's...really? serious and yes... emphasize the OLD boyfriend- I hate fastfood

    Dawne P

    dawne dot

  5. My husband gave me a 'Buns of Steel' video one year for Christmas . . .it was NOT well-received ;)

  6. Oh Davee, I can see how that would be remembered as the worst gift ever :(

    Jean - getting nothing is definitely worse than getting something you don't like. Shame on them. Although, one year, my ex didn't get me a christmas gift, mother's day, or birthday gift....

    Shea - I remember that paint! I wish you would post a pic somewhere :)

    Dawne - McDick's gift card? (Aaannnd there's a reason he's an ex...)

    Sessha - oh dear, I can imagine how well-received that would be. ;)

    I hope you all receive whatever your heart desires this year!

  7. Well Kellie, guess I'll have to return the undies and soap that I got you for Christmas. Thought I was really being nice in getting you two things!!! The undies are red, does that make a difference?

    As for my worst gift, one that comes to mind and is kind of a funny story in a heartbreaking type of way..I had a first date with a girl, at 'Winterfest' a Christmas event at a local amusement park. First an outdoor activity in the middle of winter isn't a very good idea, especially for a first date, and when I can't find my car in the parking lot. I had bought a cup as a souvenir to remember the date as a gift to her, and she left it in my car. I never saw her again. Was left with a cup as a reminder of my epic fail. I later got rid of it in a used gift exchange between a group of friends. It became a joke between us, every year the cup would be used in our gift exchange. Last year, I got it back and is currently stuffed under my bed somewhere..but for how much longer???...sorry my comment ended up being almost longer than your post.

  8. Every year since I was about 10, my cousin would buy me this opal necklace and earring stud set. The first two times, I thought it was alright but after that, I kept getting them until I had graduated from high school. After that, I told her if she was going to get me a present, no more of these things, I'd rather have a gift card instead,lol.

  9. I sometimes think clothes given can be the worst. Especially if the person giving them doesn't know you so well or your style. I have gotten some interesting tops as gifts before that I have never worn and went to good will. Like the soap, I think clothes are more about personal taste and comfort. So, I prefer if they get me a gift card to my favorite store and let me pick it out myself. My sisters and I sometimes go shopping together and when one of us picks something out the other goes, should I get it for you for Christmas. That works too. :) That way at least they know they are getting something they like.

  10. Aww...Mike :( I would've thought an activity like that would've been a great first date! I've been on dates like that and they're fun :) Give that cup away to Goodwill or something! You don't need that reminder!

    Madame - Did you always get the same set? B/c that's just a little...bizarre :s I agree with you and Kasey - gift cards all the way! I had a friend who kept giving me clothes and she'd never get the size right. I'd try to wear them but ended up having to give them away. This year for my b-day she did give me a shirt that I've worn several times. Score one for her!

  11. I guess I'm different.(figures) Anything I've ever gotten was wonderful. LOl Grew up among 7 siblings, poor but happy. So, I was always grateful. Now after giving Christmas to 4 kids all the time? I'm still perpetually grateful whenever I receive that rare xmas gift.
    AKA Bonnie Lea (Leanore) Elliott

  12. Ok lets see, my worst Christmas gift ever, this will be a little different then most, it was when I was younger, the one thing I wanted for Christmas was porcelain doll. Well, that Christmas I got to watch my sister open a gift that was a porcelain doll, she looked at me and said that wasn't what she wanted but my dad gave it to her and thought nothing of it. I never did get one from. But of course I married a man who bought way to many of them lol.

  13. It is good to be grateful for what we receive Leanore. I was always touched when the children would give me presents, but I got so much soap there was no way I could use it all. I've got 4 kids as well, and these days I'd rather spoil them rotten than get my own gifts.

    Georgia - as a kid, I remember my sister getting the teddy bear I wanted. We ended up trading in the end. (probably b/c I was a mean sister and made her or something...)

  14. Every year at work this one co-worker of mine gives out the lotions from Bath & Body Works...the ones that you can find on sale for like $3 a bottle...normally I'm fine with this - I love B&BW...but one year she decided to do special holiday 'flavors'...again not the worst idea - peppermint lotion is cool.

    But I got hot cocoa lotion - and not only was the color horrible...OMG the scent -, not on my skin! roflmao

    My BFF happened to love it though - and when the others who got the same scent found this out - well my BFF ended up with like 7 tubes of it! *heads desk giggling*

    Great blog Kellie! :D

  15. I happen to be highly allergic to perfume, cologne and most scented products to the point I have an asthma attack. Even knowing this, several people at work would give me products from Bath and Body Works that I could never use and in some cases had to through away before donating to the local Domestic Violence Shelter because I couldn't transport in my car. (One year I ended up having to leave after using my inhaler for the rest of the day)

  16. Eight months after I gave birth to my first child, my husband bought me a pair of sweats for Christmas - size 3X. At most, I wore a size 8 at that time. Not well received.

  17. Havan that's funny :) Peppermint is usually a safe bet but when you try those new scents - yeah, you better watch out!

  18. Lisa - sometimes DH's mean well, but they just don't have a clue!

  19. Wow....this is more interesting than I first thought!!


  20. Patricia - that's awful! People with asthma have it difficult. Two of my kids have it and it can really limit you sometimes.

    Trish - yep, this is fun!

  21. I got a ring from one of my favorite aunt's that told me it was real and for me to take care of it. The funny thing was about 2 weeks later it turned green and one of the stones fell out. It wasn't even sterling silver. It was a beautiful ring and I loved it. Would have loved it more if she had of told me the truth. But I considered it a thoughtful gift anyway.

  22. What horrible gifts.

    I remember back when hubby and I were first married, we attended one of those couple Christmas parties that had a gift exchange party game where you either take someone else's gift or you pick a new one from the middle. One couple brought a dried pig's ear as their gift to exchange. I felt so sorry for the person who got stuck with it, but the funny thing was, it kept showing up year after year and kind of became a running gag. Fortunately, we were never the recipient of the pig's ear.

  23. Picked a winner this morning and SESSHA WON!!! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented :)