Monday, December 5, 2011

All I want for Christmas Giveaway # 3

Welcome to day three of our Christmas Giveaway. Today I'll be talking about Christmas Holidays. Those two words can strike fear into people's heart or warm them to their toes. They bring about memories of spending time with family sharing stories or trudging through airports trying to catch a plane ride home or to visit family, giving us Thanksgiving flashbacks.

Because I live in the Cayman Islands our holidays are always filled with sunshine and our "Christmas weather" is the temperature dropping to the 70's with wonderful cool breezes.

Until last year neither my son nor I had seen snow, so we were excited to visit family in North Carolina. It was in the 50's when we got there which for us was cold, but lovely. On Christmas day we woke up early (my son is seven), and opened presents. Shortly after, it started snowing. We couldn't have planned it more perfectly.

(Had to include this picture of my cutie)

My son rushed outside in a hoody and shorts before I could convince him he needed more clothing. Thankfully five minutes later he ran back inside to put on pants, thicker socks, gloves and a proper jacket. We stayed outside eating the snow that had fallen on the front step staircase and sliding down the driveway in a makeshift sled. By ten o'clock there was eighteen inches of snow and when we drove to town later there were snowmen by every house. It snowed the whole time we were there and my son, husband and I were outside everyday having snowball fights and sledding down the driveway. It was to date the best Christmas vacation we've ever had.

My giveaway today is the famous Cayman Islands Tortuga Rum Cake. For a chance to win this tasty treat tell us about your favorite Christmas vacation and don't forget to leave your email information.


  1. Elke, I can't fatham that. I grew up in Minnesota and I don't think I remember a Christmas where we didn't have snow and lots of it. Most of my childhood my cousins would build snow forts, tunnels or sled down the massive hill on my grandparents' farm...some years we could walk up a drift unto the chicken coop and slide of there. It was a great starting point and gave us much more speed. Two years ago I got snowed in on my parents' farm for 5 days. Everything was closed and cancelled because we were in full blizzard mode. It was kind of a nice, a break from every day life. My grandma had to postpone Christmas until New Years because of the snow.

  2. We always get lots of snow so I love going somewhere in the winter where there is a lot of sunshine! I'm sad I can't enter this competition - that Rum Cake sounds delish :)

  3. I was raised in Pensacola, Florida, lived 12 years in Irving, Texas, where snow happened but rarely and not usually at Christmas, so moving to Wyoming was an adventure. One Christmas, we were on our way home from work, to get ready for a party, when My husband said "You know, in September when the first snow falls, people have a little problem driving in it, but by now, everyone is used to it and have no problem.....", at which point, the car did a complete turn in the road and sat facing in the opposite direction. My husband looked up and said "Okay, okay, I hear you!!!!" We went the two blocks to home, and got ready for our party to which we drove sedately. At home later, he said that this would be a Christmas he would remember, because God told us we needed to be careful.

    By the end of the season, I developed my opinion that I liked snow on the mountaintops and someone else's driveway!!!

  4. Growing up in Louisiana I never had a snow on Christmas Day until 2003 when my family traveled to The Grand Canyon for Christmas. I was more of a kid then my 5 & 6 year old...We spend the week at a lodge where we set up a tree in our room and enjoyed the the falling snow everyday we were there

  5. What an amazing experience! Everyone should experience snow sometime, but I'd take a warm Christmas in the Cayman Islands anyday. Awesome post.

  6. My oldest son's birthday is November 28, and I'd always told him his 21st birthday, we would go to Las Vegas. So, two years ago, the whole family, including our foreign exchange student from Germany, loaded up in a car caravan to road trip to Las Vegas from Dallas, TX. We visited the snow covered Grand Canyon and Santa Claus visited our hotel room in the Excalibur and brought stockings. It was a fun, memorable and loving time.

  7. Thanks everyone for commenting. Those all sounds like wonderful vacations. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the snow, I don't think I could do cold every year. I like my sunshine and cool breeze Christmas weather. :-)

  8. Abigail is the lucky winner of the rum cake! Congrats, Abigail. I'll email you this afternoon to get your mailing details.

  9. Elke!!!!!!! OMG.......That rum cake is awesome. My co-worker has a condo there and she always brings back some of the delicious Tortuga rum cake. Abigail will enjoy it!