Sunday, December 11, 2011


Christmas would be nothing without gifts, right?  So, why would I have a difficult time writing about the best Christmas gift I ever received?  Probably because I'm the worst person to buy for.  My husband has said it, my mother has said it, even my children have said it.

The problem is not that I'm picky, quite the contrary, I'm not choosy enough.  I'm so excited that anyone thought enough to get me a gift, I can't say I've ever gotten anything I wasn't grateful to receive.  Maybe that's what it boils down to.  I'm one blessed person, and I know it.  I may not drive the fanciest car or live in a castle of a home, but I have everything I could ever need, so when people ask what I want, I honestly struggle to think of anything.

That's why four years ago, I was actually surprised that my husband got it right without my even telling anyone the one thing I wanted but thought was too expensive to ask for.  Not jewelry, not fur, not even spa treatments (although I wouldn't say no to the last one).  No, after eleven years of marriage, he knew me well enough to know what I go crazy for and sprung for an e-reader.

I realize this is a fairly common gift now, and even at the time, e-readers were already growing in popularity, but the prices were still very high, and I was amazed he'd sprung for such an expensive gift.  I finally understood how other women felt when they opened a little black box and saw the sparkle winking back at them, except my ultimate sparkly wasn't a diamond--it was a way to get instant reading gratification, anonymity, and portability.  I was beyond happy and gushed about it to anyone who would listen.

Sometimes they get it right, and I have to thank my husband for my best Christmas gift ever.

How about you?  What's the best gift you ever received?  Are you easy or difficult to gift?  Leave a comment and your e-mail addy for a chance to win a $10 gift card to the online bookseller of your choice.

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  1. Lol! I'm one of those women that love the black box with something sparkly inside!! Love it! Lol!! Although, I have to say, my favorite gift ever was my beautiful, sleek, black Kitchenaid Stand Mixer!!! Ohhh, how I jumped for joy when I unwrapped that box!! :)

  2. I have to say I am fairly easy to buy for. I'm always very open as to what I want. The downfall to knowing what I would like to have for Christmas is the fact I always know before hand what I'm getting. "sigh" My favorite Christmas gift would have to be the very first Elmo I ever got. My husband was out to sea and could not be home for Christmas that year, he knew I wanted an Elmo and it is the one collection I didn't get to start at a young age. He got me my first Elmo who is called "My First Elmo" and he is 3 ft tall. He is still my favorite Elmo out of all the ones I have (which is about 30 Elmo's, this is counting pillows and clothes too).

  3. Every woman needs a good kitchen appliance so I'm with you there Monica! The best gift I ever got was when my (now ex) husband designed a family ring with my sister who is a gemologist. It will be one of the things I treasure because, no matter what, the 6 of us are a family.

  4. Oh, wow! Last year for Christmas, my hubby got me a bottle of my favorite and not cheap perfume. Madamoiselle by Coco Chanel. I love it...I absolutely love it.


  5. I'm fairly easy to shop for: A few good books, maybe a stuffed animal and I'm happy. :) I think the best Christmas gift I got was well, a) my engagement ring, and b) an old, old Panasonic word processor my father-in-law gave me, eons ago. It's the thing on which I got really serious about writing.

  6. I think I am easy to shop for but no one else thinks that. I have not received my bet gift ever yet.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  7. I'm so easy to shop for :) Im usually the first one with presents under the tree and always happy with what i get . Heck a dust mop was on my christmas list last year cause my kids broke mine right before christmas lol

  8. Monica--no doubt about it, I would never turn my nose up at a little black box

    Georgia--Haha! Yep, that's the one bad thing about telling everyone your wish list--no surprises, but it sounds like you have a lot people around you who really know what you like.

    Kellie--I would have loved that shiny because it was so meaningful.

    Lori--like I said, sometimes they get it right.

    J.D.--You made me remember a Christmas gift from my mother long ago. She gifted me with my first Panasonic Wordprocessor. It only had a tiny digital screen to show what I was writing, but I loved it.

    Debby--I said I wasn't choosy enough, but Kellie's comment made me realize I'm always hoping to get something meaningful, but most of the time I don't get that, and I think that's another reason it was hard to write about my best gift ever. I hope you get yours this year.

    Jennifer--I love practical gifts because I know I'll use them, but my hubby hates to get me practical gifts. A dust mop sounds like a great gift.