Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I am one of those people who gets totally jazzed about Christmas. The season starts for me the day after Thanksgiving when my sisters and I conquer Black Friday shopping with smiles and good humor. It ends when I sprinkle Christmas magic around the presents Santa leaves on Christmas Eve. And then there is Christmas Day .... A season all of its own.

One of my favorite things to do during the season is read Christmas themed books and sip on wine or hot chocolate. Two of my favorites books are: Twas the Night Before Christmas and The Christmas Story.

In my family, we gather around and read the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve after our Christmas Eve service at church. It is a magical time. Then as the children, ages 15 and 17, prepare for bed, we'll read Twas the Night Before Christmas.

At the moment I have several Harlequin Blazes down loaded on my Nook to read that are Christmas Themed.

So what is your favorite Christmas book? If you post your favorite, your name will be in a drawing for a $10 gift card from Barnes and Noble.

Merry Christmas

Lisa Wells


  1. My fave book is the night before Christmas. The kids and I read it together out loud a few thousand time before the big day :)

  2. I like both of the ones you mentioned Lisa, but I am also a huge fan of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. :)

  3. I'm ashamed to say we don't have a tradition of reading books at Christmas. We watch It's a Wonderful life and the Polar Express and go to church.

    I might have to start a new one with the ones you suggest, Lisa. :-)

  4. Kasey, I love How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

  5. I love holiday themed romances. Anthologies are my favorite:) Lori Foster has some great ones.
    Happy holidays!

  6. Well, I also have to admit that we don't have a tradition of reading Christmas books. But I'm going to change that this year. I'm going to buy a copy of 'The Night Before Christmas' the classic, as well as 'The Cajun Night Before Christmas' and read them both to my grandchildren...the younger ones, anyway. If y'all have never heard of the Cajun one, look it's hilarious!

  7. now that iam all grown up i read a christmas book that was great!!! it's jack's christmas wish! when i was little it might before christmas

  8. I loved How the Grinch Stole Christmas!! Loved loved loved it as a kid growing up!
    There was also a Rudoff book that I loved reading too!!
    Thanks for this giveaway!!

  9. Congratulations to The Paranormal Romance Party - you're the winner of the $10 gift card. Contact me with your mailing address, and I'll get your prize in the mail.

    Thanks to everyone who commented.